One of the major cities of the United States, Miami has its very own charm and attraction. Besides a great shopping destination, place for adventure and sightseeing, it offers a lot of water activities as well.

Fishing, scuba diving, beach games are all favorites among the regular visitors. But the latest attraction of Miami is the water taxis, which run to and fro all day long. It has not only eased commuting in Miami but has got enough recognition in very less time.

You may be in a habit of taking a cab to reach other part of this South Florida city but it will be a smarter option if you choose water taxi and some of the reason are as follow:

Water Taxi Traveling

1. Quick Service and Easy travel

Water taxis frequent services even on weekdays have made it a synonym of the fastest and the most convenient mode of transportation in Miami. Also, with water taxis you can travel hassle free in minutes without any too many stoppages or getting stuck in heavy Miami traffic.

2. Spacious and Cheap

Tourist bus or taxi for the family is passé in Miami. Water taxis can hold up to 40 people in one trip and take you to your destination without any red light. No doubt, it is quite inexpensive as compared to other modes of transport and if you can get group or family discounts on water taxi trips, certainly it’s the cherry on the cake.

Apart from this, there are all day passes, weekend passes and resident passes offered to the passengers.  Many water taxi providers also offer deals for various Miami attraction tickets if, purchased through them.

3. Enjoy hop on and hop off service

While booking for a cab on the weekend or during the holidays may be tough, finding a seat in a water taxi is much more easy and convenient. Whether you are alone or with a group, just buy the ticket and hop on to the water taxi going towards your destination.

You can get down at any of the stop of the water taxi that you would like to explore and then hop back again on the water taxi on its next round.

4. Advance book

Water taxis are boats that are open for public. If you have a tight schedule you can always book water taxi for the group so that you don’t have to wait at all. Although if you haven’t done that in advance water taxis are always open for you twenty four hours. Water taxis can be booked on phone, email or by visiting the official website of water taxi provider.

For making an online booking, all you have to do is fill in a online form with give in your basic details, number of people in your group and you will get a confirmation of the same about the water taxi booking.

With the help of an advance booking you can also schedule your day accordingly. Sightseeing, dinner trips and picnics can be a part of your chartered water taxi once you have booked it.

5. Delight to the Eyes

Travelling in a water taxi is delightful. As you move across the blue waters, you can view the skyline of Miami and ensure that you have seen most of Miami. Riding to different parts of is now very easy, time saving and quite an adventure with these boats.

Very safe, environmental friendly with no traffic jams and passing through the house of rich and famous of Miami it’s hard to get such an amazing backdrop even if you try so.

6. Trips and Tours

Water taxi trips are quite popular among tourists and locals. They offer trips between the bay side marketplace, the south beach and the River walk Station. These trips can be taken easily by the commuter and at low cost leaving a lot of time, saving huge money and making the journey fun and quite memorable.

The type of trip offered depends upon the water taxi operator. Therefore, it is advisable that you check this with the company before buying the tickets for such a tour.

If you want to experience the lovely sightseeing places and the glorious dark blue sky amidst the cool winds you should choose a water taxi for commuting when in Miami!

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