As if you all know why we use credit cards? So let us see how it is helpful…

Business people spend a lot of resistance try out to avoid us from making use of credit-cards. Many of us miss-use them and end’s with debt but if you make a use of credit-card liable, you are really feel much better of paying with credit-cards compare to debt.

1. Sign-up Bonuses:

Credit-cards offer important rewards when they are used responsibly. Apps with better credit may accept for credit-cards that provide sigh-up bonus worth from $50-$250 and also more anywhere compare to other cards. Other cards offer more points like air travel or gift cars and so on.

2. Cash Back:

If you sign-up for the accurate credit-card you will acquire 1 t0 5% return on your buying. If you pay whole bill for every month a cash back credit-card is a awe-some way to get to get more for your amount as the % of money you spend will return once in a year.

This better cash back card will give 1.5% cash back on all the buying s. Other cards will provide up-to 5% I prior 3 months.

Credit Cards

3. Rewards:

Cards like Fidelity authorize reward cards, which will offer you high rate of cash back, interchange you should deposit your money into encirclement account.

Credit card rewards like cash back cards will give you vouchers or points for every dollar you spend, which will fulfill your shopping.

Market leading rewards like Tesco club card, which will give you one point on every 4 dollars you spent not only that it also provides club card points. The Spencer and mark card is very attractive it gives you one point for every dollar you spend in stores.

4. Secure:

Making payments by using credit cards make your work easy and avoid loss from bluffs. When you you use your debit card fraudulently, the amount will be missing instantly from your account.

Payments which you make mailed checks or online scheduled may hop, and make creditors unhappy. credit score will decrease if you go for late payments, it will take a bit for fault users to be reflected back amount is re stored back to your account when bank investigates. Then you just make a notification on your company of fraud and do not pay any money until it is resolved.

If you pay services which costs between £ 100 to £ 30000 on credit-card your under safety Act of 75 section protection of consumer-credit act which will provide you protection.

5. Constructing Credit:

If doe not have any credit or else if your trying to increase your credit score, use it authoritatively and it will help your score because credit-card organizations will status your payment operation to the credit-card bureaus. Making use of debt will not come anywhere on report of credit it cant help you to increase your credit.

If you borrow more and does not make any payments then definitely the account is going to crash. Any how you should be cautious to pay the amount in every month so that the rate of interests also increase.

6. Theft Protection:

If you lost your purse or wallet which is filled with cash which is not seen again, as long as the theft or loss was not caused due to negligence, you wont be able for use of card which is yours.

If you take the credit card and if you will not pay in time then the credit-card debts will increase and the credit score will decrease in-order to increase the credit score you can apply for same day loans which helps you to increase your credit score.

The guest post was contributed by Maria, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK.You can follow her at financeport

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