Corporate events represent a tool with which companies establish a sense of belonging and a greater connection with customers, employees and investors. Each business cooperation and contact, includes some kind of emotion, so it is important to take into account the feelings, to treat employees with respect, to make them laugh and make a gesture that would be appreciated or to recreate the image of promising joint future. Corporate events are a perfect way to do this, as long as they are fun.

  1. Parties at night

A place for a party can be a meeting room or a non-traditional venue, such as boats or thematic restaurants. Still, the best thing is to avoid the office or the workplace for this kind of an event. It would be really appreciated if the people were allowed to go home earlier on the day of the party, to have time to get ready. This type of party is largely defined by the catering, whether it will be a formal dinner or a casual cocktail. It is important to note that at an informal dinner people can circulate freely and interact with people from other departments.

  1. Nature outings

If the weather outside is great for some nature walks, take your employees on a weekend getaway. It would be even more appreciated if that weekend included Friday. Of course, pick some place that have everything that is needed to relax and enjoy. So do not go somewhere secluded since camping is not always welcomed by everyone. A nice hotel in the mountains would solve the problem. That way, people can decide for themselves whether they want to spend time inside, with nice food and TV, or to go to an adventure stroll outside.

  1. Be open to special occasions

Everybody expects New Year and Easter holidays, but a special announcement when it is someone’s birthday would be very surprising. Employer should keep track of the employees’ birthdays and let them celebrate it in the office by bringing some snacks and maybe even a glass of champagne for everyone during an extended lunch break. This kind of treatment by their boss would make people even more productive and satisfied.

  1. Organize contests

There is nothing that says fun more than the feeling of possible luck. Every now and then organize contests for your employees. They can be held during working hours or in the evening. Offer some monthly bonuses in a paycheck, spa treatments, paid holidays, well, even the possibility to get to work in informal clothes for a week. There are many choices and you can use a different one every time there is a contest. Bring a case cube for an additional element of amusement when it comes to getting some raffle tickets. Your employees will especially enjoy this.

  1. Go to concerts or the movies

Give out a survey to the people working in your department to get to know them better – what kind of music they like, what kind of movie genres they are into, etc. Always ask for more than just one answer. This way you will get enough information on what is the most suitable choice for everyone when you decide to award them with movie or music night, or fun time at a sports stadium.

All these activities would pay a lot in a long run and help with team building. Through corporate events, you build and deepen relationships not only with customers and clients, but your employees as well, and this also sends a positive message about the company’s image. Corporate events are a great opportunity to motivate people and raise their spirits.