For the disabled, a wheelchair means mobility and freedom. Choosing the right wheelchair is so important for many reasons. A good chair provides comfort and safety for individuals who need assistance in getting around. Without a proper wheelchair device, there is risk of injury.

There are several things that you should look for when purchasing a wheelchair. Wheelchairs come in many different designs and have different functions. From manual to electric, the uses for these mobility devices can vary greatly. Not only is the chair itself important, but the wheelchair accessories are also vital to how the chair will be used.

The top five tips for choosing a wheelchair are:


  1. Safety – Safety is the very first concern in any wheelchair purchase. A chair should provide protection to its occupant. It is important to check to be sure that the chair meets all government regulations. The chair should have brakes and other safety features that allow for increased protection.
  2. Comfort – Comfort is extremely important when you are choosing a wheelchair. Often, the disabled are in their chairs for much of the day. The chair should be comfortable in the seat, with enough padding. The back of the chair should offer support. Padded armrests are also very helpful to prevent pain in the arms.
  3. Durability – Durability is another very important aspect of a good wheelchair. Though many chairs are made to be folded and lighter, it is still important that the chair is strong. The weight limit should be checked to be sure that the person who will use the chair is the right size. The chair should not feel flimsy and should be made with quality parts.
  4. Ease of use – It is important to choose the right wheelchair for the user. Some people, who will be using the chair on their own, may need an electric model for better mobility. Those who have a caregiver make better use of a more traditional model. The chair should be easy to use and handle for both the user and the caregiver.
  5. Price – While some insurance companies do cover wheelchairs for certain patients, you may be stuck with footing the bill yourself. Wheelchairs can run from very inexpensive to quite costly. It helps to first realize the budget that you have and then begin doing some research to find the best chair in your price range. A good home health company can often assist you in making a purchase.

No matter what wheelchair you decide on, these tips should help you through the purchase decision. Make sure that you try the wheelchair out before you make a purchase to make sure that it is a good fit for your needs or the needs of the caregiver.

The chair should feel comfortable and steady. It should also be easy to maneuver. Try out many different models and brands until you find the chair that works best and fits your budget well. A wheelchair can help you to gain back the mobility in your life. With such an important purchase, you will want to weigh all your options carefully.

Chris Reddick writes about many health and fitness topics, including how the disabled can find better wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories to meet their needs.

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