Thanks to online learning, an increasing number of adult students are able to pursue graduate degrees. The flexibility and convenience of online courses, combined with accessibility to materials, allows students to choose when to fit their studies into their busy schedules, rather than trying to find time to attend classes.

Higher Earnings – Better Career Options

Data gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) support the fact that individuals who obtain higher education degrees increase their earning capacity, as well as improve their chances to move ahead in their careers. In fact, an increasing number of employers across a wide range of industries require a minimum of a master’s degree even for entry-level jobs.

Choose From 5 Most Popular Online Master’s Degree Programs for Success

Individuals who have a goal of finding success in their current career, or wish to explore new career opportunities, may want to consider one of these five most popular online master’s degree programs and their variations in areas of concentration. Criteria for placement as “most popular” include potential higher earnings, increased career opportunities, greater personal satisfaction and professional development, higher employer demand, and more industry openings.
Online Masters Degree Programs

1. Master of Business Administration (MBA):

The MBA degree continues to be a popular and prestigious accomplishment, representing a “gold standard” in the business world. MBA programs typically offer a number of specialized areas, such as small business management, entrepreneurial management, and technology management.

2. Master of Science in Nursing(MSN):

The MSN degree creates new career opportunities for nurses to become advanced practice nurses, and even fill roles as primary care providers. At a time when the nation continues to have both nurse and physician shortages, it is an ideal time for individuals to pursue this graduate degree.

Numerous concentrations exist within online nursing degree programs, such as pediatrics, surgery, ICU, and many more. Other popular options among healthcare graduate degrees are physician assistant and healthcare administration.

3. Master of Arts/Science (MA or MS) in Education or Master of Education (MEd):

Graduate degrees in education vary in designation from Master of Arts or Master of Science in Education, to simply Master of Education, depending on the respective school and focus of the program.

The field of education continues to follow closely after healthcare with some of the most popular and in demand professions. Among the concentrations available for online graduate level education degrees are curriculum and instruction, educational or instructional technology, curriculum development, and instructional design. Other popular career paths for education degrees are special education and early childhood education.

4. Master of Science in Engineering (MSE):

Individuals with strong aptitudes in advanced mathematics, and computer and technical skills would do well to pursue a graduate degree in engineering. Areas of specialty within this online master’s degree program may include project management, systems engineering, structural engineering, and electrical engineering.

5. Master of Computer Science (MSC) or Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT):

As long as technology continues to advance, online master’s degree programs in computer and information technology areas will likewise continue to be popular and in demand. Concentrations within the online master’s degree program may include mobile device programming, network security and administration, software design, and IT support.

Faith Strickland is a teacher who is passionate about learning and has contributed to the Top Online Master’s Degrees as a resource for people interested in furthering their education.

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