It’s easy to get bored if you feel like you’ve been spending all of your time indoors and in front of social media or streaming services. If you’re tired of looking at the same old screens, it’s time to figure out some ways that you can bust your boredom. Check out some of these ideas the next time that you’re feeling restless from doing the same old thing.

1. Learn Something New

The internet is an excellent way to satiate your thirst for knowledge and keep you from being bored at the same time.

Spend hours browsing Wikipedia to learn more about anything that interests you, or Google your favorite subject to find out its history or recent news stories. There are also many websites that offer free college courses online.

Take a course in something that interests you or take one that will help you to do better at your job. From music theory to business courses, there are hundreds of possibilities.

2. Work On Your Art

Whether you’re an experienced artist, a budding one, or think you have no artistic talent, spending time working on art not only busts boredom but can be quite therapeutic.

Spend time painting, working with clay, or even creating collages out of magazine pictures. There’s nothing wrong with coloring, either. If you want something with more intricate designs, try adult coloring books.

If you prefer to keep things simple, grab some good old-fashioned crayons and kids’ coloring books.

3. Get Out Into the Sunshine

Vitamin D is essential for your body. Getting out into the sunshine is known to promote both physical and mental health, so if you’re bored, step outside and get some fresh air.

Read a book in your backyard, plant a garden, or run around with the kids. If you’re tired of your own backyard, check out local parks. Hiking trails in metro parks often have plenty of hidden gems. Check out the scenery and maybe even catch a glimpse of local wildlife.

Other outdoor activities to try include mini-golf, water parks, or even just walking through your town’s shopping district.

4. Organize Your Home

Turn your boredom into something productive. Have you been wanting to organize the pantry for a while? Do you still have boxes to unpack from when you moved in?

Maybe the kid’s toys need to be cleaned out or your closet is bursting at the seams. No matter what you need to organize, spending time doing it not only curbs your boredom but helps you to be productive. Who knows? You might even find a few forgotten treasures along the way.

Life doesn’t have to be lived on social media or in front of your television. Whether you take up a new hobby, revisit one you used to love, or simply opt to find something to do that improves your mind and body, there are plenty of ways to bust boredom.

Try one or all of these ideas and come up with your own. Before you know it, you’ll have plenty of new activities to keep you busy.

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