Planning to move to a new location? Your current city or town has bored you completely? Or has the cost of living there become too much for you to afford? Considering new places to live? Decided to move out but don’t know where to?

It is clear that one of the most growing cities in India currently is Hyderabad. Its valuable resources as well as the increasing urban locales have made it a lovely place to live. Many people personally can testify to the fact that Hyderabad has changed their lives for the better forever.

Everyone asked themselves why Hyderabad will be better. Here are a few reasons:

1. The Culture

Hyderabad is a beautiful mixture of various religions and beliefs. There are different localities here populated by various people and entering into each one of them makes one feel like they have entered into a completely different place altogether. The posh locales will remind one of America while the wonderful old Hyderabad will remind everyone of the ancient cities of India. Secularism flows through the city’s veins itself which means that those moving here can be assured of expanding their horizons to heights and volumes never seen or explored.

Hyderabad place to live

2. The Hyderabad Advantage

Not only can one get all the above mentioned, he or she can be assured of a city just as good as any. Recently voted ‘the best city to live in’ by a popular survey, Hyderabad has the best of culture as well as the best of urbanization. Many multi-national companies have housed up here in the city and opened up the world to Hyderabadis. Famous institutions like BITS and IIT also are present here. This clearly shows how developed the city has become over the years and how convenient it has become for many people to move, especially families.

3. The Lifestyle

Many people move here for religious reasons as well. Hyderabad extends its wide arms to them as well. Not only are popular destinations like Chilkur and Tirupathi just hours away, one of the world’s most famous mosques is present here as well. Beautiful churches are there in and around Hyderabad.

A Lord Shiva temple of international reputation is present in Hyderabad as well. It is one of the reasons why Beeramguda, the locality of the temple is gaining popularity. Many are trying hard to get a flat in Beeramguda.

4. The Cuisine

This needs to be said. A casual survey conducted by a popular newspaper in Hyderabad has stated that 67% of the people living here continue to do so because of the famous Hyderabadi Biryani. If that weren’t enough, here is some more food for thought. International brands of cuisine like McDonald’s and KFC are widely popular here. Chinese, continental, South and North Indian cuisines are famous as well.

If these reasons aren’t enough, one should just Google Hyderabad or read a book on it. A little information on the city and people can’t help but pack and move straight to the city of the Nawabs.

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