All business owners have to put up with several monthly expenses and investments. Good spending allows them to grow their companies. Whereas bad spending leads to unnecessary financial challenges. Unfortunately, many business owners (especially small-scale business owners) spend bad more than they spend well.

Business experts have detailed several easy ways to avoid overspending and poor spending for new business owners. One type of over/poor spending that all business owners must be aware of is buying low-quality marketing items. Marketing items like banners, signs, posters, etc., are all essential tools for small businesses.

But, not all banners or posters are alike. The quality of the vinyl banner you buy will depend on only two factors –

  • Where you shop for your custom banners
  • Whether you have properly inspected your banners before buying them

If you already own vinyl banners, here are some telltale signs that will indicate their quality. If you don’t own any banners and are planning to order them, watch out for these four key qualities that separate good banners from bad ones –

1. Durability and Flexibility

Banners are made of vinyl because vinyl is a durable and flexible material. These qualities make them ideal for creating long-lasting banners that can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, cheap or poorly manufactured vinyl banners don’t offer this degree of durability or flexibility.

Double-check the quality of the vinyl you’re buying. Make sure your banners are made of flexible PVC materials that can endure all types of weather conditions. If you want to use your banners outdoors, your banners also need to be UV-resistant. High-quality vinyl always returns to its original state when it’s folded.

Make sure the banners you buy don’t crease or wrinkle due to folding. Or else, storing the banners may be challenging. Paying a little extra for premium-quality vinyl materials (e.g., bubble-free vinyl) is worth it. In the long run, the durability and the flexibility of the banners pay off.

2. Smoothness

That’s right – top-quality banners always have super-smooth surfaces. High-quality and well-cut vinyl for graphic signages are always super-smooth. The smooth surfaces allow the designers to perform dye sublimation printing. In this printing technique, the paint ink gets engrained inside the vinyl fabric.

3. Finish

Another revealing sign that you have a bad banner on your hands is its finish quality. Glossy banners don’t look great – even the high-quality ones. So, it’s harder to spot the differences between low and high-quality glossy banners. But, matte finishes on top-quality banners always look different. Make sure the finish of your banner doesn’t distort its overall aesthetic.

4. Colors

High-quality outdoor banners always have bluish-white undertones. On the other hand, poor-quality banners have yellowish-white undertones. The colors on your banners will define their style. Make sure that the banner is printed properly, so all the colors look fresh.

Clarify these details in the beginning before you order your custom-printed banners. Ask as many questions about the banners to the sellers. Make sure you’re on the same page before you launch the banner printing process.

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