It has long been established that oral hygiene has a huge impact on overall health.

To stay in the pink of health, you should never shy away from taking care of your gums and making your teeth stronger. Do your best to adhere to proper oral care practices so you can prevent all sorts of dental problems.

Aside from flossing daily and brushing at least twice a day, you should also sign up for regular dental checkups.

The following are just four of the many reasons why good oral hygiene is necessary to a healthy life.


Good oral hygiene can improve cardiovascular health

Poor dental health can increase the risk of heart disease. This is especially true for people with gum disease or Periodontitis, an oral condition which is caused by too much exposure to bacteria. Since the bacteria will eventually cause inflammation, it will likely affect the function of the cardiovascular system. This will predispose them to heart conditions unlike people with healthy gums.

It lowers your risk of diabetes

Many people know that diabetes can cause an increased susceptibility to gum disease, but only few are aware that the latter can also contribute to the former. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, Periodontitis is caused by bacteria which produce toxins that alter the individual cells’ carbohydrate metabolism. It is also believed that periodontal bacteria trigger a response that increases resistance to insulin and, consequently, causes blood glucose levels to rise.

It can help you lose unwanted weight

Brushing and flossing can suppress your appetite and help control your portions. Doing these when you are feeling tempted to eat unhealthy meals and snacks will signal your brain that you have finished eating. Plus, food doesn’t taste good when you eat it after brushing.

It can help detect conditions as serious as oral cancer

Did you know that a precancerous lesion can start out as a discolored patch that doesn’t cause discomfort? And since it looks harmless, people with an untrained eye tend to shrug it off as temporary blemish.

Fortunately, all dental practitioners are trained to detect conditions like oral cancer before they start showing obvious symptoms. In fact, if you visit your local cosmetic dentist, you may also ask for expert advice to prevent small discolored blemishes from becoming a serious dental condition.

Practice good oral hygiene by eating a balanced diet, brushing thoroughly at least twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting the dentist regularly. These steps will keep your teeth and gums healthy so you can steer clear of painful and worrisome problems and their expensive treatments.

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