Microsoft has finally unveiled their next generation system, and unfortunately, most of us are very underwhelmed. In a lot of ways, the Xbox One is a lot like my original Xbox…

Lack of backwards compatibility

You might be thinking, “Well, of course the original X-Box had no backwards compatibility. There was no Microsoft console before that!” And I completely agree with you – as a brand new company to the console gaming scene at the time, that was just one less thing they had to worry about.

With the release of the Xbox 360, Microsoft created the illusion that they cared by making a good number of Xbox games backwards compatible. With various system updates, users were able to play their original Xbox games on their new Xbox 360 (granted, they stop expanding that list of games back in 2007).

This was proof that Microsoft had the brains and ability to make their hardware work with their classic titles. But, with this upcoming next-gen console, Microsoft has already announced that the Xbox One will not be supporting backwards compatibility. Why? We have no idea why. They must be too focused on letting users watch TV…on their TV. But, that’s besides the point.

The fact that the Xbox One will not have this feature is a huge step backwards in their development as a successful console gaming company and as a company that cares about that users (big surprise here with their partnership with EA to burn the world down). At this point, we’ll just have to see how Microsoft plans on riding this decision out.


Unimpressive launch lineup

In the original Xbox’s defense, Microsoft was new to the scene at the time. We had no idea what to expect, but we knew games like Shrek and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X weren’t really going to deliver what we wanted.

However, from that lineup, we were able to find a couple of very good franchises, including the Project Gotham Racing series and the Halo series. This time around, on their third generation console, Microsoft hasn’t been able to keep the attention of their exclusive developers.

So far, the only exclusive games we have to look forward to are Forza Motorsport 5 and Quantum Break (a game that plans on integrating television and video games, we see how well Defiance is doing, right?).

Microsoft wasn’t even able to keep an exclusive game with Halo developer Bungie, as they plan on releasing their future game across 4 different platforms.

At the moment, the Xbox One’s lineup is very underwhelming and offers nothing interesting, except…more integration to your TV. Why are they so obsessed with this?

It’s still a VCR

I remember getting my first Phillips VCR back in the 90’s. I was finally able to watch TV in my room because the VCR helped make my old TV compatible with our satellite receiver. I also remember picking up the big, bulky rectangle and thinking “holy crap, this is heavy.” My Xbox experience wasn’t too far off from that.

The only difference, really, was the fact that the Xbox was larger and heavier than a VCR, but couldn’t play VHS tapes (there’s one for backwards compatibility). Two generations later, Microsoft shows their creative side and superior design with the Xbox One.

It still looks like a damn VCR.

Even more hilarious, Microsoft’s focus at the moment is to help me watch more TV on my TV. That’s what my first VCR helped me do. Both my VCR and the Xbox One: help me watch more TV, are ugly as sin, and will make the valley’s in my couch larger.

Michael is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a company that provides the best Stafford home security system and the best Houston security system. He is a hardcore video gamer that loves spending his free time in front of his TV. He has little hope for this next generation of console gaming

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