1. Overwhelmed By Clutter

Most of us are guilty of having a wardrobe that is full to bursting. Often it is full of clothes that we’ve had for years and worn only once or twice; items we received as presents, but knew at the time we would never wear and clothes that were once in fashion, although we might have no idea why when looking back now!

Usually at the turn of the season we attempt to clear out this mess, but often have limited success. Some people don’t even dare to go near the wardrobe any more, let alone try and deal with the problem. With the right attitude and some good advice, however, clearing out needn’t be something to fear.


2. Tackling The Wardrobe Head On

There are so many good reasons to clear out your wardrobe, not least the organisational benefits it can bring to your life by having a clear and organised space. With these benefits in mind, here are a few simple tips to make the next time you clear out a success:

  • Be prepared – before starting have a bag for throwing out, a bag for the charity shops and a bag for giving away to friends or relatives.
  • Be firm – once it’s in the bag, it’s gone. There’s no use in looking back.
  • The six month rule – when unsure about an item think “am I going to use this in the next 6 months?”. If the answer is no, you’re probably not going to use it much, if at all, in the more distant future either. If you’re keeping things for sentimental reasons, think if there is a way you can display the item as a feature on the wall, or if it can be turned into something else you will use.
  • Get help – sometimes we need a push to get rid of things. Have a friend help you clear out. Get them to be brutally honest about your clothes and ask them tough questions such as “does it suit me?”, “does it still fit?”, “is this still in fashion?”. Their answers can be a big help in getting rid of stuff that you no longer need and help you make tough decisions.
  • Act fast – whenever you can, make snap decisions. If you aren’t sure whether you like an item of clothing or not, your gut feelings are probably saying no. By going through the process quickly, the ordeal will last longer too.

3. Additional Benefits Of Having A Clear Out

Often, as soon as you finish having a good clear out you instantly feel a sense of relief and realise that you really were never going to wear those clothes again. This alone is a great reason to clear out. On top of this, it’s actually possible to make money from a clear out. There are various ways to do this, from having a car boot sale to selling jewellery or, if you’re up in Scotland like me, sell your clothes to Glasgow Recycling. This means that you can earn cash and do your bit for the environment too. Just make sure you don’t become addicted and start throwing out other peoples clothes too.

The author is an expert in fashion, having worked as a buyer for various high street shops for a number of years. She has also been working in a design firm focusing on clothes for men and women. As well as fashion, she is concerned about the environment, and has designed several lines using recycled clothing.

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