Most young people are full of aspirations and ideas, and some of them would even like to start their own business. Having great ideas is usually not enough, because starting a business is a long process and rarely anyone knows the basics of business so it very often gets topsy-turvy. If you don’t happen to have someone to guide you through the process, take a look at these ten entrepreneur starter tips that will surely be of some help.

Is your startup idea really good?

You have an idea for starting a business and it sounds perfect in your own head, but you need other peoples’ opinions, to get a fresh look from a different perspective. Look at the people around you and separate the Yes-Men from No-Men. Listen to both sides but especially to No-Men, because they are the ones that will more probably tell you the explicit truth.

You’re running a marathon

Make sure you are armed with steel nerves and patience. No one succeeds immediately. It takes 7 years (in average) for successful startup liquidation. So, if you see that things aren’t going so well in the very beginning, don’t hesitate to move on to the next idea. Each start will be better than the previous because you’ll be wiser each time. Don’t fall in love with your idea before you see it coming to life.

Find and hire reliable people

Surround yourself with trustful and hard workers. Making a quality and persistent team is hard and it takes a long time, but it’s a lot better than hiring temporary contractors to do a job.

Getting Connected

A personal network is built over time and those connections are one’s most valuable asset, because it is not something that money can buy. The key thing is to give more then you get. In that way you will get close with people who are already in the business and are able to help you. The results would probably be hard to see at first, but will undoubtedly appear over time.

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Good legal representation

Being a creative person and a visionary, dealing with paperwork would only stress you, slow you down and turn your focus away from the business. However, legal work needs to be done, so don’t hesitate to seek for business legal advice from a professional. And make sure that you find the right person, because there is no room for mistakes here.

Fear of failure?

It doesn’t go away. Never. Fears are products of ignorance and uncertainty. But, you will never know everything or know what is going to happen tomorrow. So, turn that fear into a creative drive. Listen, read, try, succeed, make mistakes and learn. Embrace your fear and be motivated by it.

Focus on problems that are worth your time.

Learn how to distinguish these from everyday problems. Make a difference between big problems and urgent ones. Urgent problems are to be solved by business founders, not other people.

Learn to say “No”

If you agree and accept commitments frequently, you can get in a lot of trouble. Many people will ask you for quick commitments and kindly impose various obligations. It’s ok to say no.

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You’ll need advisors

Always have them around you. Two heads are always better than one. Several heads are even better. Make sure your advisors are up to date with current trends, so they can give you relevant and fresh advice. Ask for advice frequently and listen carefully, but know that you are the one who brings the final decision.

Put yourself on the first place

Starting your own business is stressful. There is a lot of work to be done, a lot of decisions to make and a lot of things to think about at once. Take care of yourself first. If you don’t take care of yourself, then you won’t be able to take care of your startup either.