Why Your Business Should Try Outsourced Marketing

Marketing is an interesting and complex industry. For a marketing campaign to be successful, it requires both creativity and logic; it is because of this dual requirement that more companies should consider outsourced marketing. Many people who go into marketing have the necessary creative skills, but may be lacking in areas that are the more left-brain oriented. They come up with great ideas, funny ideas, and engaging ideas, and they know how to implement them in funny and engaging ways. But often they don’t know how to implement them in a strategic way. Marketing is more than just fun and creativity. There is a science behind it. Inexplicably, not all great, funny, and engaging ideas work. For those with strong creative aspects, it is hard to understand this. Who doesn’t love funny?

Outsourced Marketing

While I am certain the answer to that last question is “no one,” marketing isn’t just the idea.

Often the idea is just one small part of a total marketing strategy, usually the advertising portion. Because this is the most visible aspect of a marketing strategy, people often think it is the marketing strategy. This would be a false assumption. Marketing includes research to understand the market and consumer; public relations to facilitate positive image with consumers; product or service prices; distribution strategies; and, of course, advertising, which can be broken down into internet, social media, and email marketing as well as more traditional advertising outlets like direct mail, magazines, television, and billboards. This is also just a very simplified version of marketing strategy.

But it already sounds complex, doesn’t it?

In addition to all the components of marketing strategy I didn’t mention, it is also necessary to make them work together. The “idea” has to be cohesive through all aspects, though usually in more subtle terms. Most creative minds lack the desire to even want to manipulate or understand how to do that. If this is the case for your company, outsourced marketing may be the answer. Because they are specialized they can have a full team from the creative minds generating the ideas to the logical minds researching market trends and measuring how certain ideas might be perceived by the public. They have project leaders who oversee the big picture and make sure it all comes together.

They have people in charge of media relations, public relations, and community involvement.

Their ability to specialize is invaluable. Because outsourced marketing agencies are able to hire individuals for each marketing component, they often enact more successful campaigns. This correlation between success and outsourced marketing has started a trend where more companies are limiting their in-house marketing and moving to outside agencies. This trend is for the better. Again, it results in a more successful campaign, which results in more business for the company. In this way it helps to reduce company costs. Increased profits, if we are frank, are really the motivating factors of owning a business.

Another benefit of outsourced marketing is that you don’t have to give up control.

Not all of it has to be outsourced. You can let an agency just do those things that your company doesn’t want to do. No matter how much is outsourced, someone in-house will always need to help interface between the agency and the company. As part of the public relations aspect, the company will always need a “face,” usually someone in the upper levels of management. Someone at the company will need to help guide the agency in deciding what direction the strategy should go in. With outsourced marketing, the decisions ultimately remain with the business. It is for them to decide how much should be outsourced as well as how that marketing should be done.