Why should you Consider Pursuing MBA in Marketing?

One of the oldest specializations, an MBA in marketing still happens to be a sought-after domain. The following post explores the benefits of pursuing an MBA in marketing and the best career choices thereafter.

While MBA in marketing is one of the oldest specializations, it continues to be one of the most coveted ones. While it can be challenging, time-consuming and even expensive, an MBA can always turn out to be a prestigious degree that offers competitive benefits over other degrees. So what are the benefits of pursuing an MBA in marketing?

Here’s how:

MBA in Marketing

Benefits of MBA in Marketing

As a specialization, MBA in marketing provides special education in areas like brand management, product management and consumer behaviour. Other areas within marketing are also covered such as promotion and selling strategies in addition to all other traditional spheres that are usually included in a marketing (MBA) course.

Advancement in Career

Earning an MBA in marketing degree always ensures advancement in your career; it can increase the chances of getting a promotion. Needless to say that a course in marketing enhances your leadership qualities and knowledge base, and ensures that you receive every possible need, in your line of professional growth; with relevant experience and sound knowledge, MBA in marketing graduates may lead reach up to the position of senior managers, directors and even business developers.

Increased Salary

It goes without saying that once you have completed your MBA in marketing; the average salary of such a professional is above average than other professional getting into marketing.

Apart from these, an MBA in marketing opens up a plethora of options in terms of career choices as well. An MBA in marketing offers ample scope for professionals. One can make a career in various sectors ranging from Retail, FMCG, Banking, Hospitality, IT, Media, PR, Corporate Communications and other related fields.

Best Career Options after MBA in Marketing

Some of the job profiles that are most suitable for marketing professionals are explained below:

Market Research Analyst: Market research analyst is one of the most coveted job profiles in this discipline. Professionals in this domain are responsible for devising methods and processes for obtaining the data that is required. Designing, implementing and analyzing markets alongside developing business strategies.

Brand Managers: Brand management is a good option for candidates who have an MBA in marketing. As brand managers, professionals are responsible for promoting and positioning activities that comprises advertising, media and also activities related to market research.

Marketing Managers: This is one of the most popular job profiles opted for candidates with an MBA in marketing. As a professional he or she utilizes all the skills in market strategy and other related fields. Intense knowledge is required in order to be able to succeed in this field.

Media Planning: These days media planning forms an integral part in various organizations. Media planning happens to be a part a part of business strategies and shows how media planning can form a part of achieving marketing targets to a great extent. It acts as a tool that gives space the advertiser to select the appropriate mode of communication and acquire maximum benefits.

Product Management: As a product manager, a professional is responsible for ensuring profitability and growth of a product in the market. They oversee a number of diverse divisions; timely flow of a product into the market and ensuring its gradual growth are some of the major concerns of product manager.

Internet Marketing: One of the growing fields in the world of web space; internet marketing is one of the hottest career options for marketing professionals in the present times. A growing field, internet marketing has remarkable opportunities for professionals who want to make a career in this field. Right from social media marketing to search engine optimization – the domain offers ample options.

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, sales in one vast gamut where marketing professionals can make a good career. It has been observed that most CEOs have been known to have worked as marketing professional at some point in their career. So, if you want to climb up the ladder, marketing as a skill is worth acquiring.

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