Why Native Title Trusts are Important for Australian Aboriginals

Native title trusts are important to Australian aboriginals because the trusts establish land rights of indigenous people. These trusts also entitle the indigenous people to compensation in the event of extinguishment.

This concept was introduced in the nineteenth century, but native title trusts have been gaining increasing importance in the past twenty to thirty years. In general, native title trusts determine if the government has a financial responsibility to the indigenous people and if so, to what extent.

Here is some information on native title trusts and why the trusts are important for Australian aboriginals:

Native Title Trusts Verify Rights in All Situations

Native title trusts address property rights in all situations including economic decline, political upheaval and other cultural situations. Whether the property is owned collectively or individually, there are a set of rules governing the ownership rights of the property. The rules address how taxes will be levied and how business can be conducted on the property. These rules are important and necessary to keep order within Australia.

Native Title Trusts

Native title trusts are necessary because without the trusts there are no claims on the resources available on the property, and thus, there would be a constant fight over the land. With trusts, the property will be unavailable to any person without a native title trust, and those people cannot have access to the property without permission of the owner or owners.

Since there are only a small group of people who have property rights, these titles are of concern to some people. Everyone should know the rules to prevent repercussions related to operating on land owned by someone who does not authorise your presence. When natural resources are at stake, native title trusts become a major issue.

Problems With Native Title Trusts

Though major financial institutions will manage native title trusts, there are still major problems with the system. More education is required via the media and other educational outlets to ensure proper execution of native title trusts. Many activists have addressed the issues related to indigenous ownerships rights.

Issues addressing prejudice and other injustices have risen as a result of the discussion about how native title trusts should be handled. Any people who would not have the opportunity to own land otherwise in Australia can benefit under the aboriginal land trusts.

Importance of Native Title Trusts

Members of the Australian aboriginal group can benefit from native title trusts. People are advised to perform copious research and learn more about this opportunity. Without native title trusts, this group may not obtain the land rights that many groups have fought for on their behalf.

Native title trusts outline the rights of these people to own certain assets within the country. Remain up-to-date on the developments to prevent misunderstandings regarding Australian Aboriginals’ native title trusts.

Franklin is an Aboriginal Rights Activist from Queensland, Australia. He says that native title trusts are important for aboriginals to ensure they are recognised as the original owners of the land.

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