Travel Essentials for a Holiday in Malta

Malta is a very popular holiday destination for people in Europe. In this article we are going to outline some of the essentials that you need to know if you are planning on coming to this magnificent part of Europe.

First off, travelling to Malta is going to be a primary consideration. As this is one of the top holiday destinations for many Europeans, you will find that it is well served by airlines, with most capitals around Europe running direct flights to Malta.

The average travel time tends to be between two and three hours, with plenty of budget airlines to make travelling to Malta easy and very affordable. As you would expect, flights are more expensive during the summer peak season, but if you book well in advance you are still going to be able to find a bargain.

Malta used to be a destination that was relatively cheap compared to some parts of Europe. In recent years though, rapid economic development, along with Malta being admitted to the European Union, has meant the prices have increased significantly.

Malta holiday apartments

Hotel accommodation can be expensive in Malta, so a self catering rental might be a good option. That said, supermarket food is not going to be particularly cheap, with people reporting that it is roughly the same price as food in UK supermarkets. Provided you avoid imported UK favourites by buying local and Italian brands though, you could save yourself a lot of money. Fruit and veg vans frequent towns in Malta, selling cheap local produce and are worth checking out when buying food supplies.

If you book well in advance, Malta holiday apartments can be found at a very affordable price. Even during the busy peak season, you will probably be able to find somewhere that will fit your budget. For accommodation, Malta has many options, but if you really want to get a flavour of this island, then it is best to go self catering.

This will free you of the restrictions a hotel can bring, allowing you to try local restaurants, many of which have excellent reputations for serving up exquisite cuisine. Transport around Malta is relatively simple because it has an excellent public bus service. Alternatively, if you want to have a bit more flexibility with your travel arrangements, you can rent a car, something that can be done from the airport.

If you are looking to save money however, this is almost entirely unnecessary because you will find the public transport system easy to navigate and cheap. If travelling by bus, be cautious be sure to check the timetables. If you were to get stuck a long way from your Malta holiday apartment because public transport has stopped for the evening, taking a taxi can be an expensive option.

Finally, when you are coming to Malta you should always make sure that you carry travel insurance, although there are no real reasons to be concerned. While you do not require any vaccinations, mosquitoes don’t carry disease, crime is low and the tap water is safe to drink, should the worst happen you will be covered.

Overall a holiday in Malta will be a hassle free experience, and one that is easy to arrange because there are so many airlines, and accommodation options available on this memorable island. A summer holiday in Malta is sure to be an experience you won’t forget.

Written by Leila El-Dean on behalf of, experts on Accommodation in Malta.

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