Top Ways to Continue Education While Working

It is possible to continue your education even with a full time job but you must do your homework long before you ever enter a class. There are several ways to continue learning but you must first figure out your career goals before you choose a method. You will also need to figure out the best ways to juggle school with a full time work schedule.

Due diligence is a crucial element for the long term success of your education and career goals. There is no better time than today for learning and earning. The number of excellent options available are affordable, flexible and convenience for working adults.

Continuing Education

Times have really changed and today’s college going, degree-seeking student is much different to the students of old. The US Department of Education reported that nontraditional students make up about 70 percent of the undergraduate population and over half of them are already financially independent. Thirty four percent of these students work full time and 25 percent have a family to take care of.

This shows that deciding to pursue an education while working is a serious and well thought out decision for many. If you fall into this category you will need to research the options from community colleges, universities and online learning. It is also important to identify your goals for continuing your education.

Identify and Reevaluate Your Goals

You’ve always wanted to be an Economist and want to pursue that career path. It is important to follow your dreams but what career and educational opportunities are available for you? It makes sense to get educated in areas where there are options for career growth. Health care, IT and transportation are just areas.

Research the Options for Higher Education

Community Colleges and Universities

Check the local community colleges or universities to see if the programs are flexible enough to fit your work schedule. If not check out online programs that you can do at your own pace and schedule. Whatever you do you should talk to someone to see if you can be given some college credit for your work experience. Any credit that you get will shorten the time that you will have to spend earning the degree.

Online Learning

If community colleges and universities do not fit your schedule it would be wise to look at the online option. Many public universities do offer online courses and these are specifically created for working adults. An added benefit is that they cost much less than traditional classes.

While a full online education might be fine for most adults there are others who prefer a mix of classroom time to go with their online classes. This is why some programs include evening or midnight classes to accommodate working adults.

Online degrees are no less rigorous than traditional degrees as some people fear. Many adult take online courses in preparation for demanding careers. Some areas of study include Business Administration, Library Science, Accounting, Marketing and many more.

Career Colleges Online

In addition to enrollment at public universities there have been an increase in enrollment are career colleges such as University of Phoenix and Kaplan which both specialize in online learning. These and a few others are accredited universities and offer programs that you can enroll in to enhance your career.

Private Universities

As demand for online learning increases private universities are also opening their doors online. The benefit of taking courses online with universities that have a physical location is that you increase your chances of getting a degree from an accredited university. This is very important since employers can be exacting when hiring.

Another added benefit is that the certificates from the majority of these schools do not indicate that you have earned the degree online. That should be good news from anyone who has reservations about online learning.

Some other tips for improving your success in getting an education while working is to make sure that you set your expectations before you begin looking at schools and write down your goals. Once you find a school and enroll you will need to take school as seriously as you do your job and get help when you need it.

What route did you take to continue your education while working?

Paul is an avid education fan and writer currently writing on behalf of PLC Technician. Paul has a knack for finding new and innovative ways to help others continue in ongoing education in an easy way.

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