Top 6 Most Detested Household Chores

Household chores vary in difficulty. Sweeping the floor, dusting the cabinet, and taking out the trash – these chores can be done effortlessly on your part. But remember that there are still other chores that need to be done inside the house. You might want to hire a cleaning service to do these difficult chores that most housewives hate to do. The following are some of the most detested household chores that cleaners can do for you:

1. Dishes

Cleaning your dishes is not really a difficult job especially if you have a dishwasher. But what if you do not have a dishwasher? Removing those greases and food stains on your plates, glasses, utensils, and cooking pans can be a very difficult job. Have you ever tried scraping off the remains of fried food from your frying pan? If you find that there are too many dishes left unwashed at your sink, it is ideal to hire a cleaning service.

Detested Household Chores

2. Laundry

Doing the laundry without a washing machine can be really tiresome. People who do the laundry usually end up exhausting themselves once the job has been done. Washing clothes requires a lot of effort. But even if you have a washing machine, you will still have a hard time washing huge blankets, thick towels, and long curtains. This is one of the most detested household chores that many housewives hate to do.

3. Pet Waste

Cleaning pet poop and urine is not really a difficult task but it is definitely an icky yucky job. There are some people who just could not clean pet waste even with the aid of hand gloves. In fact, there are even those who vomit at the site of animal waste!

4. Windows

Cleaning the windows might sound like an easy to job. But that is a common misconception. Once homeowners start wiping their windows with cloths, they start to realize that this household chore is very tiring. A lot of people have experienced painful arms and shoulders after cleaning the windows in their home. Therefore, it is best to leave this to a professional cleaner since it involves danger too if you live in a high rise building.

5. Ceiling

One of areas which are very difficult to clean inside the house is the ceiling. Those cobwebs and dust on the ceiling have to be removed but you are having difficulty cleaning them. Those who are suffering from asthma or dust allergy are not advised to clean the ceiling. Perhaps this item finds itself into this list simply because it is really exhausting to raise your arms for a long time trying to clean your ceiling!

6. Bathroom

Stains and molds on the bathroom tiles are difficult to remove. Usually, strong chemicals have to be used to achieve a clean and nice-smelling bathroom. It is a good thing that cleaning contractors excel in cleaning bathrooms. So if you want this type of room cleaned well in your house, going for a maid service Nashville is not a bad idea!

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