Top 5 Ways To Accessorize Comfy Decks

When my husband and I were building our dream home, one of the few things we knew for sure was that we wanted a deck. I had always had visions of spending lazy summers outside on the deck, reading, talking, and eating to our heart’s content. We spent some extra money on our home so that we could get a deck made of a durable, maintenance-free material. However, to my dismay, I found that we didn’t use our deck nearly as often as I had hoped. After a few years of occasional use, I decided it was time to make some changes.

I did some research and came up with this list of the top five ways to accessorize decks in order to make them more comfortable and inviting. Here they are, in no particular order.

accessorize decks This probably seems quite obvious to most people, but decks need shade. I had overlooked this important feature, and as a result, there were only a couple of hours during each day where our deck was naturally shaded by the house. These were the times we most frequently wandered outside; otherwise, it was just too hot. To ensure that your deck is comfy and cool all day long, purchase a large umbrella, awning, pergola, or other shade structure to cover at least part of your deck. You’ll be a lot more likely to use it if you do.

Unfortunately, after building our home and furnishing the inside, our budget was pretty tight and we didn’t have the funds to furnish the deck. We settled for an old patio set that was given to us by a family member. Its rigid metal was not comfortable to sit in for very long, so we didn’t use it much. I finally decided that we could splurge on a nice, all-weather patio set with lots of pillows and cushions. We waited until July when the prices on patio furniture started to drop and got 5020211ff our set. It has been well worth every penny–we are now comfortable lounging outside all day long.

Plush rugs make your home more cozy, but did you know that they can do the same for decks?

That’s right, there is such thing as an outdoor rug. I stumbled upon a few while shopping for my patio furniture and snatched them up. They make the deck seem like an extension of our living room, a trait that I just love.

Be sure to purchase a nice deck storage box to hold your rugs and cushions when not in use. This keeps them close by but protected during storms and heavy winds and slows the process of sun fading. You could even find a storage box that doubles as an ottoman to make it extra comfy. Better yet, top it with a drink tray and a throw blanket. You’ll be in deck heaven!

Finally, decks seem a lot more inviting when they are spruced up with some potted plants and accessories.

You can do as little or as much as you like, but try to make your deck decor match the decor in your home. Whether your style is whimsical, modern, Tuscan, or western, you can find small plants and objects to hang or place on your deck that will give it that warm, comfy feel and draw people outside. If your deck seems plain, boring, and uncomfortable, it’s time to make a few changes so you can start enjoying your summer outdoors. By adding shade, comfy furniture, outdoor rugs, a storage box, and some fun accessories, your deck can become an outdoor oasis for all of your favorite lazy summer activities.

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