Top 5 Promotional Products for Brand Exposure

Promotional products are important for creating brand awareness and exposure. The choices of products are numerous, ranging from umbrellas to t-shirts. However, certain products are more popular than others as they are highly functional, inexpensive and have a long shelf life. Below is a list of the top five promotional products for business exposure:

1. Pens

Pens are one of the most popular promotional products. Many companies use them to promote and advertise their products or services. For fledgling companies, a pen giveaway is a great technique to put their companies’ brand into potential customers’ hands. Promotional pens can be distributed at trade shows, conventions or special events. When potential customers receive a promotional pen, they are likely to use it everyday. Thus, the businesses’ logo, address, slogan or product’s name printed brightly on the barrel can be seen and easily read. This will result in brand awareness. Later, they will contact the company if they need this product or service.

2. Bags

A tote bag, for instance, is an ideal for promotions. There are many styles and designs, including duffel bags. Bags are one of the top choices as they are practical, highly functional and have a long shelf life. This helps to expose companies’ brand long enough to create awareness. Potential customers can use them nearly everywhere, indirectly helping to promote and market the business. Thus, printing a company’s information on each side increases the organization’s opportunity to be noticed.

Bags for Brand Exposure

3. Caps

A cap or visor is an ideal promotional product for creating brand awareness. Caps come in different colors and sizes. Just like pens and bags, caps are highly functional as everyone needs them to cover their head or shield their eyes from the sun. The company’s logo or name can be printed on the headgear, making it highly visible.

4. Confectionery

Unlike the other promotional merchandise, confectionery items are edible. For instance, chocolate candies wrapped in bright and colorful mylar will be an instant favorite at any trade show. This type of promotional product will add fun to the company’s marketing campaign. While tasting the flavorful candy, potential customers will read the company’s name or witty quotation printed on the wrapper. When they have a positive experience, they will remember the company.

5. Calendars

People use calendars all the time to set their plans and organize their important meetings. Thus, calendars are great products for promoting a business. A company’s name or brand can be printed right on the top of the calendar in bold letters. Every time the promotional calendar is viewed, the owner will see the company’s name, and thus it will create and maintain awareness about its business.

Without a doubt, the promotional items mentioned help to create brand awareness and exposure. They also help to promote and publicize a new business. By freely giving potential customers something useful, edible or highly functional, the company becomes memorable. It will not be surprising when many of them return as customers.

Ronald is the Manager at one of the largest promotional printing stores in Sydney, Australia. His company offers a wide range of products but says these are the best for creating maximum brand exposure for your business. Away from work, Ronald like to got surfing at his local beach and spend time with his children.

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  3. It has been observed that distributing promotional items for increasing the brand popularity has been used by many companies. This activity is popular as it brings up the name of that company in one or the other way because of its presence around the person in the form of various products mentioned above..

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