Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Pickup Truck This Year

In today’s brave new world, people are thinking differently about their vehicles than they did in years past. Case in point: hybrids. Now, hybrid vehicles are all well and good, environmentally speaking, but they don’t carry the cache of a pickup truck. These iconic vehicles have been a part of the American consciousness for near a century. And not only are these automobiles stitched into the American fabric, they are functional as well.

Few people who ever owned a pickup were ever at a deficit when it came to getting a hard day’s work done or moving supplies and belongings from point A to point B.

But just because the pickup truck is an American classic doesn’t mean it can’t evolve. They say not to try and improve on perfection, but in this particular case a bit of change benefits everyone. Pickups now appeal to more people than ever. So with that in mind, here’s a look at why pickups are a great vehicle to own this year.

More creature comforts

Pickups were never about the bells and whistles, but no longer is anyone interested in Spartan vehicle interiors either. Yes, the days of pickups offering little more than vinyl bench seats and an AM radio are over. These days, modern pickups come with all the trimmings: four doors, climate control, heated seats, GPS systems, etc.

Overall ruggedness

The reason pickups have an earned reputation for durability is a simple one: the body of the vehicle is separate from the chassis. This feature makes this particular automobile fit for any number of duties.

Hauling ability

Despite the design perks of modern pickup trucks, these vehicles are still built to get the job done. No matter the amount of luxury in the cab, the bed can haul anything from lumber to stacks of cement bags. That’s what comes with owning a vehicle purpose built for heavy moving.

Towing ability

Those who need to get a camper or boat up to the lake won’t do so with a sedan – that job is reserved for a pickup.

Built for off-roading

Whether it’s for work or play, modern pickups are built to thrive on rugged terrain. Those who invest in a new pickup truck with a four-wheel-drive system can expect to cover most types of ground, whether it’s for hauling the aforementioned wood or driving along a dusty trail to a remote campsite.

Attention grabbers

For guys, owning a pickup will engender far more attention from the opposite sex than, say, a Camry (no offense to the fine folks at Toyota). But as gender roles have shifted over the last half century, so too have the rigid notions of what makes a man a man– or a woman a woman. Today, many women are enjoying pickups just as much as their male counterparts – and getting even more attention in the process.

Safety first

Full-sized pickup trucks are generally safer than many passenger vehicles precisely for that reason: they are full-sized. This, combined with modern stability-control systems and airbags, make pickups some of the safest vehicles on the road.

Be a neighborhood star

Those with a pickup are often the heroes of their neighborhood. That’s because neighbors with a moving or hauling need are never far off. But those pickup owners who take up the mantle of “neighborhood hero” are often paid back in spades with prime seats at the BBQ or homemade cake deliveries.


Pickups come in all shapes and sizes – and all price ranges as well. Having said that, those in the market for a new vehicle can get a brand new truck for a starting price of far less than 20,000.

High resale value

According to Automotive News, pickups don’t depreciate in value nearly as quick as other vehicle segments. In fact, used pickups that are less than nine years old have only dropped about one percent over the previous year.

The above are just a few reasons those in the market for a new car should consider rediscovering the pickup truck. They are the Swiss Army knives of automobiles, and as such hold a special place in America’s vehicular consciousness.

San Antonio native Brenton Nallie is a car enthusiast who enjoys writing for Bullring USA about different truck gadgets.

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