Tips To Wardrobe Spring Cleaning

It is spring again – your favourite season is here again. Why don’t you spend some time arranging your wardrobe to make it in harmony with the warm weather outside! Today is a wonderful day to move your spring-summer “collection” into the lower and more easily accessible shleves in the wardrobe. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, play some pleasant music and lock the room because nothing else should distract you from the source of energy that the wardrobe is in еvery girl’s life.

You open up the  wardrobe doors and as you face all the colours of the rainbows, a smile sneaks on your face, just at the thought of the upcoming hours of delight. Girls simply cherish this moment, and usually lazy Sundays are the ordinary choice for a new wardrobe order. One of those Sundays in which you don’t take off your pyjamas until it is time for bed again. And what makes it even more delightful is that the heavy uncomfortable Micheline-like wool pullovers will be replaced with delicate fabrics.

You should start slowly and carefully – you have a whole day. You pull out, put on, take off, unfold and fold again and heap in stacks, and soon you will literally be heaped by bright coloured piles surrounding you in every possible direction. In an hour or so it turns out that you will have to gift some of your clothes to friends and replace them with larger ones, but you can keep the favourite of them as personal motivation – after all, putting on some weight is one of the many side effects of winter but, gladly, a correctable one. Just imagine how successful you will feel once you are able to get in them again. The important thing is to keep the faith.

Wardrobe Spring Cleaning

You feel like a discoverer of treasures you have long ago forgotten, and digging them out of the recesses will bring you immeasurable thrill.

Then, it comes the turn of the shoes. Luckily, the reason why you want to get rid of certain pairs of shoes has nothing to do with your weight. You come to know that you’re going to need some more of them to enrich your colour palette with the colours which are still missing in your personal collection.

Putting all your clothes in order according to the colour will enable you to quickly orientate yourself and immediately find the piece you need. Another criterion according to which you can arrange your clothes is the occasion – formal, informal, party, casual, business. Let’s not forget that the order inside the wardrobe can be of great help for you, especially if you are in a hurry and trying to figure out what you should wear tonight. If chaos is the ruler, you will simply get lost in there.

Once you arrange the hassle inside, you will have a better idea on what you need for the new season avoiding the chance to buy items which you thought you don’t own but later turned out that you currently have three of them without even noticing.

Cleaning wardrobe is among the most pleasant duties that a girl does, and the more precise you are, the more well-organized and rational, the more easily you will find the match that will make you look fabulous for the plain reason that you can’t think of all the items you have, but seeing them gives you the basic idea.

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