Tips to Organize your Cubicle the Right Way

Do you spend most of your life working in a dull, gray-walled cubicle?  Is your working environment uninspiring and depressing?  Well, I’m here to tell you that this certainly doesn’t have to be the case!  You can set the proper tone at work and it should start with organizing your cubicle.

Appreciate your working space

The first thing that you have to do is appreciate the fact that you have a job.  There are many unemployed people who would give anything for your fabric-walled working space.  So, if you can get over the fact that you have a cubicle and not a fancy corner office, you can then start making changes to your cubicle that will make a difference in your workplace productivity.

Organize your Cubicle

Pretend you are leaving your job

One way to approach organizing a cubicle is to make believe that you are actually leaving the company.  This typically involves a cardboard box into which you place the belongings you want to keep and a trash can into which you throw items that you don’t want anymore.  It’s almost like moving to a new house.  You wouldn’t bring stuff with you that you’re never going to use anymore.  You would trash them.  You’ll be amazed at how much stuff you will clean out of your drawers, file cabinet, and off of your desktop if you take this approach.

Incorporate cubicle accessories

Once you have your stuff in a box, clean your desktop with a sponge or a few disinfecting wipes.  Experience cleanliness in your office and you just might keep it that way going forward.  Before you start placing items back into your desk and onto your desktop, you have to consider purchasing some important cubicle accessories.

Expand your cubicle real estate by using the walls

With a cubicle, you can buy shelves that will hang on the wall with either a hook or with stainless steel needles that will attach to the fabric walls.  I bought both a hanging cubicle shelf and a letter tray that are secured to the cubicle walls using stainless steel points that are inserted into the fabric walls.  I keep personal items like pictures of my family and vacation items on the cubicle shelf and current project file folders on the letter tray.

Another item that I purchased that holds a lot of my important papers and file folders is a hanging paper tray.  The one I bought is called a triple tray which means there are three separate storage baskets one above the other into which you can place whatever you like.  The best part about this organizational item is that it hangs from the wall (this one uses an over –the-wall hook) and keeps items off of my desk.

Organize your desktop

One must-have office item that actually sits on top of my desk is a desktop organizer.  The best part about this office item is that it consolidates a lot of common office items that would’ve been strewn throughout my office.  I know that with my desk organizer, I have one place to find my pens, pencils, scissors, tape dispenser, Post-it flags, Post-it notes, paper clips, staple remover, and binder clips.  I think this is my most important organizational item in my office.

Another great desktop office item is a desk shelf.  Mine is about 3’ long by 8” deep and it allows me to place books, my coffee mug, and small items like a stapler on the shelf surface and, at the same time, I can store my tissue box and other items underneath.  Effectively it maximizes the space that I have in my office.

So, if you are interested in organizing your cubicle properly you should consider throwing out anything that you don’t need, effectively use your cubicle walls for storage, and buy some organizational items for your desktop.  Once you organize your cubicle the right way, your co-workers might catch on and follow your lead!

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