Tips to Choosing a New Rheem Gas Furnace

If you recently purchased a new, older home you may want to look into having the Rheem gas furnace replaced with a newer unit. Many times, in older homes you will find that the original gas furnace is not working efficiently anymore. It is important to be aware of your Rheem gas furnace’s functioning levels because if it is not working as it is meant to it can lead to other serious problems. Any time you are dealing with a heat source, there is a fire risk. Many times these old heating systems become unstable and dangerous because of the wear they have sustained over time. With all gas furnaces there is the added issue of gas leakage. Natural gas can be very dangerous or even deadly to the residents in a home or business that are unaware of a leak.

Many times the gas goes undetected, it has been called a silent killer. This natural gas is known as carbon monoxide and can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. If a room does not have good open air ventilation the gas will cause those present to get very lightheaded or even sleepy. This is because it changes the levels of oxygen in your blood and causes your head, heart, and other parts of the body to be oxygen deprived. This is very dangerous and should be taken very seriously. Anywhere there is a Rheem gas furnace you should have a carbon monoxide detector near by. This can alert people and let them know there is a gas leak in the residence and allow for them to call medical professionals if someone is ill or a professional to come and fix the problem.

As you can see, there are many important reasons why you should consider replacing an old Rheem gas furnace. Gas furnaces have changed over the years and their overall safety and function has been upgraded. There are many furnaces that are now that have added safety features that older models do not have. These features can help you control the heating unit more efficiently and safer. When it comes to choosing a new Rheem gas furnace you will find there are many great looking, energy efficient models to choose from. Depending on the size of the area you wish to heat there may be some models that are better than others. You can call and speak with a furnace professional who can help you identify what furnace may be best for your personal needs. They will usually need to know the square footage of the residence or building you wish to heat and even the celling height. If you have a large space to heat you may need a bigger unit or maybe even multiple furnaces to keep the space adequately heated.

Rheem Gas Furnace

There are many aesthetic features to choose from when looking at purchasing a new furnace. They come in a variety of materials and you can have decorative touches custom made for your furnace to help improve the way it fits in the room that it needs to heat. The price of a new furnace will vary depending on the added features it comes with and the size and material it is made of. Some metal units will be more expensive if they are made to be the most energy efficient on the market. You will find that you can find many different furnace options for your space and still stick to your budget. Call a local furnace professional today if you are looking to replace your old, outdated furnace to keep your home and loved ones safe and warm.

The first step in the process of choosing a new furnace for your home is to decide what type of fuel source your new furnace will use. Making this decision will effectively allow you to minimize your choices, and help to guide you through the rest of the furnace buying process. Unfortunately, many homeowners simply do not know or understand the differences that each of the available fuel sources provide. Consequently, choosing which fuel source is best suited to their needs is also the most difficult part of the entire process for many homeowners as well.

This is why I wanted to take this time to clear up some of the confusion by offering you an in depth look at the differences between Rheem gas furnaces and electric furnaces. While these two types of furnaces are certainly not the only types which are available to choose from, they are certainly the two most popular options. This is why I have chosen to confine my comparison to just these two types of furnaces.

Purchase Price Rheem Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are typically the most affordable furnace to purchase. In fact, this is the primary reason why many homeowners choose to continue using gas furnaces for their entire lives. Electric Furnaces: Electric furnaces are slightly more expensive than gas furnaces however, there are many cost effective models which have recently been introduced to the marketplace. Additionally, many of the alternative furnace types which you will have to chose from will typically be priced much higher than an electric furnace.

Installation Costs Rheem Gas Furnaces

The cost of installing a gas furnace will greatly depend upon whether or not the house you live in has ever had a gas furnace before. For homes which have existing duct work and exhaust systems for a gas furnace, the process of installing this furnace will be quite simple. Consequently, the price of installation in this situation will also be quite low. For homes which have not had a gas furnace in the past, the cost of installing these furnaces can be quite steep. This is because there are many details which much be tended to when installing a gas furnace in order to ensure that all of the exhaust produced by the furnace is safely vented out of the house.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are very easy to install even if you have never had an electric furnace before. In fact, most homeowners will be capable of completing this installation on their own if they so choose. Due to the ease of this installation, many HVAC retailers offer their customers a package deal which will include their installation at no extra charge. This is a great way for retailers to bring in extra business while saving their customers a few dollars on their installation costs at the same time. Even if you are unable to take advantage of one of these promotions, you can still expect the cost of installing your electric furnace to be very low.

Operating Costs Rheem Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are very well known for their low operating costs. In fact, despite the increase in the cost of natural gas over the past several years, these furnaces still remain one of the most cost efficient type of furnaces to operate. This is especially true for homeowners who have a high efficiency gas furnace which is able to best utilize all of the heating fuel that they purchase.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces typically require more energy in order to create the same air temperature as a gas furnace. Consequently, operating these furnaces will be slightly more expensive. Choosing to purchase a higher efficiency model can help you to keep your energy bills as low as possible however, it is unlikely that even these high efficiency models will be able to mimic the energy efficiency of a gas furnace.

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