Tips on How to Put DVDs on iTunes

There are lots of ways on how to put DVDs on iTunes. People tend to convert DVD to iTunes because it has a unique format which is not recognized by some devices. This is really a big trouble, maybe you have a lot of set of DVD videos and for sure you want to play them on your tablet PC, iPad or iPhone. One of the main problems that encountered with DVD to iTunes rippers is not basically the cross compatibility.

If you own a Mac, you will not have a hard time to find software with the latest version that convert DVD to iTunes that will work perfect on your device. Freeware definitely works the best for you. You just have to find the best software to work for it.

Another thing is most of the people that purchased movies, TV shows, videos, etc. from the iTunes stores are usually m4v files protected. Perhaps you want to know exactly how to put DVDs on iTunes Aimersoft so that you can watch the videos or movies with your DVD home player or on your TV. But because of the Apple’s DRM protection, video or movie files that purchased to iTunes can’t be burned directly to the DVD. All you have to do is to remove the DRM protection to make this possible.

How to Put DVDs on iTunes

Aimersoft DVD to iTunes is the best software that can provide completely what you need. This amazing software is available in 2 versions that make it use in the windows operating system. Aimersoft DVD to iTunes with DVD ripping functionality was really unquestionable, all the time it works. Functionality was really amazing.

The good thing about this software is you can easily edit videos before you convert them to iTunes format. The software has a user-friendly interface that will help the user to operate the software easy and hassle free. This provides great functionality and special features. This software is really powerful and amazing. The user will find it easy to use and useful software in converting video or movie files. This powerful is very useful in both Windows and Mac.

Here are some quick steps on how to put DVDs on iTunes Aimersoft after installing the DVD ripper software, and making it launch. Make sure that you will get the right version that will suit your need. There are different instructions for the different DVD to iTunes versions that is available.

  • The first step that you need to do is to load the DVD movies. All you have to do is to insert the DVD on your DVD Drive. Drag the DVD video files on the program or you can click the file, the menu will be given then just simply click the “Load DVD”.
  • The DVD movies or movie file will be loaded in the program. That’s how to put DVDs on iTunes Aimersoft software.  You can preview the video and you are free to take a snap shot of your favorite scene. You can also edit the video.
  • You can crop the video sequences, merge the video completely, you can trim or split up long video files, and you can add video effects. Before converting the video you just know exactly how to put DVDs on iTunes Aimersoft before the session started.
  •  Choose the output format you want. When the DVD files are already loaded select your output folder and your output format. Just simply scroll down and click the small icon of the format you wish to convert.
  • For you to copy the DVD files to iTunes choose the format as Mp4, MOV, or M4V from the option common video, which is highly supported by the iTunes.
  • You are also free to select iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc. as your output format enable the video to become compatible and readable for the iDevices. This will become easy for you to convert video files.
  • And lastly, convert your DVD files to iTunes. When everything is done, the settings, filenames. Etc. Just click the start button for you to start transferring DVD movies to your iTunes library.
  • The speed of conversion will depend on the size of the DVD file. After you convert it, you can now transfer it to on your iTunes library.
  • All you have to do is to click the “File” then “Add to library” then the video that you convert will be imported to your library and you can easily transfer then to your iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPod touch, iPad 5 etc.
  • You can enjoy watching video anytime and anywhere you want. This step completes the procedure on how to put DVDs on iTunes Aimersoft.

Selecting the most reliable program that will help you how to put DVDs on iTunes Aimersoft will help you get the satisfaction and the quality you need. Aimersoft DVD to iTunes had shown the reliability of the program.

This program is not only great in video file conversion but aside from that it has the ability that other programs don’t have like it’s capability to rip DVD without losing the quality of the video. This program is really great not only on how to put dvds on iTunes Aimersoft but best in maintaining the good quality video.

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