Tips For Flower Photography

Are you a beginner at photography? Don’t get frustrated with your first photo shoots. It will take time and experience to figure out how to get the right shot. Flowers are a great way to get into photography. They are plentiful and easier subjects to deal with than humans and animals.

Photography starts with the person- you! It doesn’t matter if you have a fancy expensive camera. Compact cameras are just fine for capturing great flower pictures, although a DSLR can help you get more variety and options.

Here are some tips to get you taking great flower photos in no time.

Flower Photography

Lighting is everything

Don’t go out after the sun goes down to take flower pictures. Standard flash on cameras tend to wash out images and make them look flat and less appealing. Always go out during the day when the sun is still over the horizon. Many different times of day are acceptable for flowering photography. Midday is a great time to get an even spread of light when the sun is right over your head.

Morning and evening are great too. Right before sunset, there is the golden hour, a time a day where the light reflects gold. This is an excellent time to get photos of flowers that the sun hits. That is always an important factor! You may have some beautiful flowers in your backyard, but the sunset lighting only works if trees, fences, and houses are not blocking the light. Find the best time for your subjects when they are well light and not hidden in the shadows.

Try out different angles

Don’t always stand right above the flower and take pictures at the same angle every time. Go wild and go free. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Get on your knees and view the world from a completely different height. Wear the proper clothing that covers your skin and even lay down with the flowers.

You will get a much better view when you brave it and get close to the earth. Take lots of pictures from lots of different angles. Review your photos to see your results while you are still out and about. See what you did that you liked, or things that were close to being right. You can improve upon your photos after your review them and can go back and try a slightly different angle. Make corrections and learn from your own photography.

For DSLRs, go manual

Many DSLR cameras have options that do much of the work for you. Go manual and learn what everything does on your camera. The more you learn about all of your camera settles, the more manual will benefit you in the end. Don’t be afraid to change your settings and try out new things.

You will learn what works and how to use every setting. It may seen intimidating at first, but you won’t get anywhere until you try. Flowers are great subjects to get to know your camera with. Go out there and start experimenting!

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