Think Twice when Choosing Your Oven

Gift yourself the right kind of oven, and transform your daily cooking experience into something that is fun and exciting for the entire family! But before you run to the store, here are some basics you will need to consider to make the right decision.

Anytime I want to perk up my day or my mood, I turn to my constant companion, the oven. The aroma of baking or the joy of grilling always brings a smile on my face. When I first went to buy an oven, I was spoilt for choice, so many varieties, and sizes to choose from.

I also had to decide between a gas oven and the electric oven. They come in different capacities and I chose the one that was quite simple and would fit into my kitchen space. Again, there is the choice of single or double in both gas and electric ovens.

Here is the List of Ovens to Choose:

Electric Ovens

Electrical ovens are priced lower than the gas ovens and are far more advanced, offering various additional options. You can control the temperature, set the timer, and choose a cooking method and much more. These come in handy when baking a cake or a dish that requires precision.

Gas Ovens

Gas ovens on the other hand require larger initial investment but are economical in the long run. They help retain the moisture content and are ideal when you need your food to be crisp or with a crust on top. Cakes when baked in gas oven remain moist and soft for hours, sometimes even days. Another amazing feature is that you can use any container in these ovens- stainless steel, aluminum, glass trays or even porcelain.

Fisher and Paykel Ovens

There are four types of built in ovens you can choose from. What you bring home largely depends on your need, kitchen space and ease of use. I was able to pick out the one that I felt was right for me from the range of Fisher and Paykel ovens. With a drop down door and 2 shelves, these ovens are ideal for dinner parties as well. Fitted with catalytic converter technology, these ovens are self-cleaning. My time in the kitchen has been halved thanks to this oven.

Double Electric Oven

The double electric oven is slightly bigger, has two ovens and the height varies between 72 cm to 90 cm. These seem quite large when compared to the single electric ovens, which are only 60 cm high. It does require quite a lot of space but the positive aspect is that it can be fitted into the wall if you plan ahead while designing your kitchen.

There are oven stove that come with burners on top and the oven below. You can boil milk, or cook your other dishes while the oven is baking your lasagna or pastry. If you have been keen on joining a baking class, bringing home one of these ovens will help you get started.

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