The Spots and Scratches on Your Furniture Are No Longer a Problem

The spots and the scratches are among the main culprits that make our furniture ugly, and instead of getting rid of them, try, beforehand, to conquer the blots with the suggested here removing steps. Blotches appear accidentally but sometimes getting rid of them is the hardest thing on earth. The number of the spots and scratches is usually indicative for the age of the people living in the given home – the dependence is that the more they are, the younger the people living there are, meaning children.

Elderly people know pretty well how to take good care of their items, but the filled with energy children are looking at furniture from the perspective of an adventurous fortress, for example. Add to this that the little mischievous children have no idea of the scale of the damages they are causing.

The moment you notice them climbing on the furniture and it is too late to react properly – just freeze where you are and pray that the damages would be corrigible. You are horrified because it is you who knows better how much efforts are needed to deal with the stains and scratches. Unfortunately, sometimes the damages of the games are so serious that the only option that will work for you is to replace the out of order furniture pieces – no cleaning will be of help. To check whether you are able to save the surface of the furniture, try the suggested tips.

tips and tricks on how to clean

If you are dealing with light-coloured wooden surfaces, you will be shocked to find out that the best help comes from light-coloured or white shoe polish. If the surface is darker, apply some dark shoe creme to achieve the divine ebony effect or a black one if the surface is black.

Few are the people who are aware of the secret that walnut has a peculiar appliance. Hence, the scratches on walnut furniture can be completely erased. If you feel reluctant to try the shoe polish option, then here is another suggestion to handle the damages on the dark-wooded surface – fill a little cotton bag for tea with ground oak bark and pad the spots where the wood doesn’t look well.

Tooth paste is a wonderful and effective abrasive for removing the unpleasant spots that the water leaves in the kitchen sink, in the faucet, and in the bathroom. If the blots are really stubborn, before that pour some baking soda and polish them gently with a soft cloth.

The white Vaseline is a wonderful solution to disguise and hide the scars upon the light wood. Another variant is to mix a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of sunflower oil, or add a little red wine drops to make the colour of the substance darker.

The little hollows formed by pressure and one and the same body positions can be smoothed by putting a wet towel on them.

And last but not least, the disagreeable traces left by glasses upon the wooden table can be cleaned away through a mixture of a tablespoon of butter, a tablespoon of mayonnaise and some ashes from cigarettes.

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