The Pros And Cons Of Hair Laser Removal Treatment

Many people suffer from hair growth in places they would rather not have it in such as on their back or on the faces of women. Hair laser removal treatment helps to reduce hair in these areas for a longer period of time. Although it is not a permanent solution, it does reduce growth for a longer period than other methods.

Eliminating the Need to Shave and Wax 

Men with hair growth on their back and shoulders or women with dark facial hair may grow weary of the constant shaving and waxing. For men, shaving their back is virtually impossible and must be performed by someone else. Shaving only helps for a small period with hair growing back within a few short days.

Hair Laser Removal Treatment

Women with dark facial hair normally turn to waxing which lasts longer than shaving, but it can also be painful especially on tender skin on the upper lip. Women will also wax their legs to reduce the need to shave especially in the summer months when they are exposed more. Some men suffer from heavy growth from their beard, needing to shave twice a day rather than once a day or every other day. Eliminating the need to shave constantly or to undergo painful wax procedures with hair laser removal treatment may appeal to some people.

Hair Laser Removal

Hair laser removal is not a one time treatment, nor does it permanently resolve the hair problem. It does however eliminate the need for shaving and waxing for a long period of time. Four to six treatments are normally required to stunt the growth process of the hair. The procedure may be uncomfortable at first as you may feel small prick like sensations as the laser works on the hair. The more coarse and dark the hair the more you may feel the pinch. As each treatment progresses, the pricks will reduce and you won’t feel as uncomfortable as the first time. The treatment time for each session is relatively short also.

Cons of Hair Removal 

There are a few cons to hair laser removal treatment including the cost. As with newer treatments, the cost may be high for several sessions, but if your hair problem is affecting your life and self esteem the cost may not matter. Anything that helps to get rid of the hair is well worth the cost. You may also suffer from some redness and irritation after the treatment. Cold compresses and over the counter pain medication can alleviate these symptoms.

Pros of Hair Laser Removal 

The pros of hair laser removal treatment may outweigh the cons depending on the individual. The ability to get rid of unwanted hair for longer periods and having it done in short treatment sessions both provide good reasons for people with too much unwanted hair to use the laser hair removal treatment system. While the cost may be high, you can ask your doctor if you can pay on an installment plan. Most insurance companies will not cover hair laser treatment as they figure it to be a cosmetic procedure.

Hair laser treatment is a new innovation helping those with unwanted hair on their bodies. After the treatment sessions your doctor may instruct you to stay out of the sun or tanning beds for a period of time. Your skin has been exposed to high heat from the laser so it is particularly vulnerable. Once it has healed, always wear sunscreen on these areas to protect it from UV rays. Consider laser hair removal if you have excess hair that bothers you.

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