The History Of Gil Hibben Knives

If you do a search online for “knives” you most likely will see the name Gil Hibben in the top search results. This is because Gil Hibben is legendary in the world of cutlery. Hibbens popularity skyrocketed with the movie “Rambo” starring Sylvester Stallone as a military mercenary.

The so called “Rambo Knife” was instantly an icon and became an extremely popular item after the movies release in 2008. This led the way to many more movie opportunities which include “hibbens fantasy knives” in over 37 movies and TV shows to date.

Gil Hibben Histroy

Hibben was born in 1935 in Wyoming and at age 15 created his own Bowie knife out of scrap metal since he could not afford to purchase one. In 1956 he began working for Boeing Aircraft as a machinist after being discharged from the Navy.He then started building knives in his spare time and sold a handmade Bowin knife for $45.

In 1964 Hibben moved to Utah and became a fulltime knife-maker using 440c stainless steel knives to which he was the first knife-maker to use it. Hibben would go on to design the first line of Browning knives which would include a folding hunting knife and three fixed blade knives.

  • In 1968 Hibben created the first line of Browning hunting knives.
  • Gil Hibben would create a “Kenpo Knife” after his passion for martial arts with which he held a black belt. Hibben is an avid martial artist studying Akido, Judo and American Kenpo.
  • Gil would move around for several years before landing permanently in Kentucky where he currently resides.

Gil Hibben Knives

Movie Knives

Hibben was contacted personally by Sylvester Stallone to create a knife for his movie “Rambo III” which would be a more modern style of a Bowie knife. He would later create the knife for the sequel called “Rambo”. It was his installment of “fantasy” style knives that started to gain Hibben huge recognition.

Teaming up with United Cutlery (which is based out of Taiwan) would see hibben’s “Rambo Knife” be mass produced with factory versions all over the world.

Hibben’s Rambo Knives spawned a feature film bonanza that saw his knives show up in movies like Mortal Kombat, The Perfect Weapon, Star Trek Nemesis and Stallone’s newest film series “The Expendables.”

Hibben has received the knickname “Klingon Armorer” thanks to his science fiction backing from the Star Trek franchise with which he worked. He is currently the president of the Knifemakers guild’ which he has held for over 5 years.

Hibben Cutlery

Today Gil is responsible for designing everything from throwing knives to swords and machete’s. While many are “fantasy style” items, they are all made with the same integrity and materials that have always comprised the Gil Hibben name.

Current Popular Cutlery

Hibben Knives are extremely popular and the legend continues to create quality works of art. Here are a few of his knives:

  • Alaskan Throwing Knife
  • Assault Tactical Knife
  • Recon Bowie
  • Pro Throwing Axe
  • Gil Hibben Claw
  • Hibben IV Machete

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