The Best Time of Year to Visit a Museum

Individuals who love art, history and science museums may wonder when it is best to visit their favorite haunts. Various rules may apply to different museums, but a general guideline is that the best time of year to visit museums is during the off-season when they are not so crowded. It is easier to view more paintings in a given day if there are less people viewing the same painting. People do not need to stretch their necks quite as far when they share the viewing with less than a handful of other individuals. It is also a good idea to visit museums during the first few opening hours or the last few closing hours. These time slots allow visitors to absorb everything they need to see without having to box their way through hordes of other visitors.

Visit Museums during Days when Admission Tickets are Free

It is also helpful to know about the best days to visit museums. Some museums offer the public one day per week in which admission is free. Other museums have free admission tickets on specific days of the month. Yet others offer discounted admission prices at some point throughout the week.  The Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan offers free admission on Friday evening from 4:00pm until 8:00pm.  The downside of this plan, however, is that the lines can be especially long, and the museum crowded.  But if you don’t mind wading through the masses, then this might be for you.

Visit a Museum

Take Advantage of Member Perks

Museums usually offer ‘Members Only’ hours where you can visit the museum with a smaller crowd than normal.  These events are often coupled with lectures or tours, and often a membership to a museum is not much more expensive than the cost of the tickets for a single visit, so this can be a very economical choice.   These events usually take place during the summer, or in the morning hours, so plan ahead, but this can be a great way to enjoy a museum in a slightly quieter environment.

View Lovely Sunsets in the Evenings

Some museums, such as the Getty Center in the Brentwood vicinity of Los Angeles, California, or the Louvre in Paris, France, offer beautiful scenic views for those who visit during the hours when the sun begins to set. Visiting a museum during these hours gives visitors opportunities to view paintings by famous artists and natural sunsets in the course of one special night.

Take Advantage of a slow Month, a Free Ticket and the Scenery

If a person takes everything into consideration, the best time of year to visit a museum is during a month when the museum is not that busy, combined with a day when there is no charge for an admission ticket. If the person is able to attend the museum at night, he or she also has the benefit of viewing breathtaking sunsets. Every person should take a trip to a museum at least one time, even if it is impossible to visit on the perfect day or evening. is a great resource to help you find a museum that will match your interests, budget and time.

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