Safety Head Protection – Head Gears and Helmets

It is mandatory to wear head protection gear while engaging in certain jobs that put the safety of our head in danger. It is necessary to provide head protection for your employees if it is likely that their might me object falling from above, or if they can possibly bump their heads against hard objects, near exposed electrical conductors also near blast sites where there could be flying objects. It is basically necessary to wear the correct head gear to avoid injuring the head while on the job.

Ideally the head gear should resist penetration by objects, absorb the shock of a blow, and also be water resistant and fire retardant. Since any head injury could be fatal or leave the employee with severe injuries that could last him a lift time. Thus taking those small steps towards securing the employee at the work place isn’t that hard a decision once you think about it that way.

In addition to that it is also necessary to educate the staff and inform them as to how wearing the correct protective head gear is necessary for their personal safety and could mean the difference between life and death. It is advisable to hire a health and safety consultant who would be an expert at dispensing such advice in most cases.

When Do You Need Head Gear?

Prevention is always better the cure is an old saying that is specially true in this case. There may or may not be a very large threat of head injury at the work place. But even if there is a hint of danger of falling objects, or risk of banging the head, or risk of electrocution or risk of being hit by flying objects then it is necessary to provide the employees with proper head protection gear.

There are several jobs where wearing head protection gear would be considered advisable and a few are listed as below:

  • It is necessary for construction workers to wear helmets at all times
  • Dealing with electricity can be dangerous as well; those working around electric wires should ideally be wearing electric resistant hats to protect themselves.
  • Even Carpenters require head gear during their work.
  • Welders require head gear due to the obvious reasons, the sparks can fly and it is the head that is exposed the first and closest.
  • Plumbers too are not exempt from wearing helmets, they too should ideally have some form of protective head gear.
  • Log Cutter need appropriate protective head gear to protect themselves against falling objects.
  • Miner working in blast sites are the people that should be wearing protective head gear at all times.

Types of Helmets

There a wide range of helmets options available and it is important to select a helmet specially suited for protection in your work environment. Wearing the wrong kind of helmet or a general purpose helmet could be the equivalent of not wearing a helmet at all.

Helmet should have a hard outer shell and a shock absorbing lining. It should be designed such that there is proper ventilation while worn. There are many kinds of helmets available, there are those that are for general service that provide good impact protection but are not meant for electricians or those workers working around live wires.

These kinds are manly utilized in mining, building construction, lumbering, shipbuilding and manufacturing. Then there are those used by employees involved in electrical work that protect the head against falling objects and high voltage shocks and burns. There are also a kind of helmet designed for comfort and low risk areas that offer protection against bumping against objects.

Thus there are many different types of safety helmet available and it is important to get the right one for yourself depending upon the work you are involved in. Many employers think that this is where their duty ends and all they need to do is to provide their employees with proper protective head gear. But that is where they are wrong.

It is also essential for the employer to make sure that the helmets being supplied or worn by their employees are not defective or in need of some minor repair. A helmet is something that can get worn out to and develop cracks, tearing or fraying and wearing such a helmet is as good a not wearing one at all.

The risk thus increases since the employee thinks he is protected while all the time his head remains unprotected with one major disaster waiting to occur. Thus it is important to look for signs that the helmet needs to be replaced. These signs are like loss of surface gloss, chalking, flaking, etc.

The Experts

When it is come to protecting your employees it is best left to the experts. Safety First Consulting is a professional corporation that offers health and safety training and occupational health and safety courses which cover a wide range of health and safety issues. In addition to which they are trained staff that have a great many tools and applications at their disposal to make this as easy as possible.

These training courses are of very high standard and they are fully capable of delivering the training on-site or in-house premises on the high standard facilities. They provide the company with technical and thorough in-depth training in several occupational areas.

Their work is usually very thorough and they deal with each new work place a new challenge and go full out in inspecting the place making sure they are very through in finding all the potential issues that may risk the health or safety of the employees. They assist in the inspection that needs to be conducted on a periodic basis to ensure the safety of the employees.

Such regular inspections and training exercises ensure that the employers are aware of the concerns of their workers as well as of the training experts from Safety First Consulting.

It enables the employers and the employees to develop a greater understanding of the various responsibilities within their workplace during which any existing and potential hazard can be revealed and dealt with properly. In addition to which the causes of any hazards will be determined thus preventing incidents from re-occurring in the future.


Every work place has their perils and it is important for the employer to provide safe work place for their employees to work in. There are many work places that require the use of helmets besides having other potential risks and hazards. But the effort or task of securing the staff does not stop at buying protective gear. It is a constant process and requires constant re-evaluation and maintenance. Safety First offers many such service that could prove invaluable towards protecting the workforce and keeping everyone safe.

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