Reality Check on Cloud Storage Unlimited

The concept of cloud storage online has started in the 1960’s which was referred to back then as “cloud computing” which connects people with data from practically anywhere and at any given time. Today, cloud storage is modified to be a complex virtual infrastructure that pools data on a cloud concept. In simple terms, cloud storage unlimited is all about online cloud content management which enables easy file sharing across different platforms.

Cloud storage is composed of diverse resources but works cooperatively as one. Many cloud storage service providers are very beneficial especially in organizing and sharing data which is deemed fast and hassle-free. Companies also get to cut down on costs when it comes to file management because of cloud storage services wherein you only pay for your actual cloud consumption.

Storage maintenance of files is also handled by the service provider. This is one form of delegation that works for your business as you get to focus on other areas of your enterprise while the cloud experts take care of your data. Energy consumption is also lowered to around 70% which makes your business essentially green.

Is Cloud Storage Unlimited A Real Possibility?

The key cloud storage service providers are pushing the numbers and their luck by introducing the cloud storage unlimited concept which means you can store unlimited data – no restrictions or limitations on file size. Yes, around 1 billion cloud storage users find this to be a lucrative offer – and everyone is out to grab their hefty slices of the cloud storage pie. The question is – Could cloud storage providers live up to their claim for an extended period of time?

The dilemma with offering cloud storage unlimited is that you tend to overpromise. The concept of unlimited may be compelling but it fails to deliver in absolute terms. Reality is – Your own hard disk space will limit your own cloud storage capacity because data is initially stored on your hard disk before it is uploaded to the cloud servers.

Cloud Storage Service Providers That Offer This Option

The need for viable cloud storage space is increasing especially with the fast mushrooming of digital enterprises over the web. Even the big players in the industry of cloud storage like DropBox, Amazon, and Box are failing to deliver and keep up with the cloud storage service providers expectations. Transparency in services is very important especially when doing business online but so is security of information. Your own hard disk essentially gives you protection even if there are 2 copies made of your data to facilitate easy access while you hold onto the original file.

This eat-all-you-can buffet-type model of cloud storage service providers is certainly a delectable offer that is hard to resist especially for people who are all out in consuming data. Cloud storage providers believe that cloud storage unlimited plans are actually workable. You can pull it off but it needs a technological overhaul. Don’t be afraid to put the right price tag for unlimited plans to weed out those who are consuming trash from those who are storing valuable data up on cloud servers.

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