Pros and Cons of Side by Side Fridges

Your refrigerator is probably one of the items in your home you use the most. Groceries aren’t cheap, and your fridge helps keep your food safe and cool for as long as possible. Without one, well, you’d be left out in the cold.

You have a lot of options when it comes to the kind of fridge you want in your home. There’s top freezer, bottom freezer, French door and built in and side by side styles, to name a few. If you’re reading here, you are probably considering a side by side fridge.

Space Saving Benefits

Side by side fridges are usually equipped with narrow doors. That means they are a great choice for people with small kitchens. Smaller, narrow doors mean they don’t take up as much space when they are open. Plus, smaller fridges generally use less energy.

Narrow Disadvantage

Because they tend to be so slim, these types of fridges can cause storage problems. Owners attempting to store larger or wider items in their side by side fridge learn quickly that those things are a no-go with side by side fridges. Things like pizza boxes or large platters won’t fit.

Side by Side Fridges


Side by side fridges usually have extras like through-the-door water and ice dispensers, popular features with many consumers. The dispensers make it easy to quickly get a cold drink of water or to add ice to your drink without opening up your freezer. Many fridges even offer different kinds of ice – cubed or crushed.

Don’t Lose Your Food

Some refrigerator manufacturers make up for the narrowness of the product, by making them deeper. As a result, it’s really easy for smaller items to get pushed to the back and forgotten, only to be found when they’ve gone bad and moldy.

Food Visibility

One of the most annoying and expensive things about grocery shopping is buying something at the store only to realize that you already had it at home. With a side by side fridge, you can easily get a good look at all the food you have, so you can better know what you need. Just make sure you don’t push the smaller items to the back where you can’t see them!

Life is full of hard choices but picking a fridge doesn’t have to be one of them. Think about your needs and the needs of your family before buying a fridge and you’re sure to be happy with your purchase.

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