Popular Celebrity Hairstyles of 2012

We can always count on numerous celebrities to brave the most daring hairstyles and see them plastered over every magazine cover days later. A prime example being Rihanna’s drastic change to bright, red hair. This was a revolution in the hair industry, leading to females of all ages stepping out and embracing vibrant, coloured hair.

However not all celeb styles are as quirky as this with individuals such as Kate Middleton and Jennifer Aniston displaying more classic styles such as elegant up-do’s and chic waves. These can often provide the basis for a simple, day-to-day look.

The side pony tail

A twist on the childlike femininity of a classic pony tail, the side pony tail adds an element of sophistication to the look. Celebrities such as Blake Lively and Taylor Swift often sport this look as it provides simplistic beauty that frames the face.

The key consideration is the volume! When achieving this look successfully hair should contain waves or curls to avoid flatness, making the hair appear more bouncy and light. A spritz of hair spray should ensure the style remains throughout the day.

A typical pony tail is achieved through use of a bobble however additional accessories could differentiate the look. For example, a detailed clasp in the place of a bobble could enhance the level of sophistication.

The iconic pixie cut

In 1965 fashion icon Twiggy made a statement with a sharp, side swept pixie bob. This soon became a trend with all types of women opting for this intense, high fashion look and remains an edgy statement today.

The key to success in this hairstyle is to adapt it to the face shape and this will ensure the pixie cut flatters any face shape. For example, if an individual has strong cheekbones and a severe jawline they may wish to opt for a softer cut around the front, such as Alexa Chung.

In 2012 Anne Hathaway adopted the extreme pixie cut to fulfill her role in the film “The Dark Knight Rises”. Although boyish her softly cut fringe helps decrease the harshness giving an extremely bold and edgy look.

A top heavy pixie cut gives a dynamic, edgy look!

Warm coloured hair

As previously mentioned red hair has been a huge trend throughout the year beginning approximately in summer 2011. Immediately both red and ginger hair gives a clear image of confidence. Celebrities such as Christina Hendricks and Lindsey Lohan have successfully attempted this brave look.

Florence Welch rocks this image with fiery ginger hair giving a vibrant and colourful that contrasts beautifully to the paleness of her skin. Taking into consideration the shade of the dye in comparison to an individual’s skin tone is essential as if they do not compliment red or ginger hair can often wash out skin colour.

Red hair doesn't always have to be overpowering. It can often produce a natural yet confident image.

Hairstyle trends constantly change with some styles entering the market just a matter of months while others remain classics. With endless stylists and products available to them celebrities can often be fantastic indicators of the hottest styles that the general public can then replicate.

It can often be difficult to vary from the natural tendencies of our hair however making an effort to adapt to trends and keep up on celebrity hairstyles can be highly beneficial. Celebrity’s hair trends are not impossible to achieve at home and can be easily adapted to suit any individual!

Written by Rebecca Hubbard

Image Credits: KathyC81 and gre.ceres

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