Planning for a No-Show Live Wedding Band

Every party has its no-shows and your wedding is not an exemption. While it is easier to deal with no-show guests on your big day, the same thing cannot be said when the live wedding band you have hired goes missing in action.

This is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a wedding, and no bride and groom deserve such disappointment on their special day. As such, if you are thinking of hiring live musicians for your wedding day, the best means to deal with the possibility of a no-show group is to ensure you are prepared as far ahead of time as possible. Here are some tips to get you covered.

Live Wedding Band

Include a no-show refund clause on the contract

A written contract can prevent a lot of disputes between you and the wedding band you will hire. It also serves as your reference in the unfortunate instance that the live band does not turn up on the last minute for whatever reason. To better protect yourself from such situation, it is a good idea to include a no-show refund clause as your draw your contract. At best, this will ensure that you will be able to get back the money you will be paying for the group in case they fail to show up on your wedding.

Prep up a plan B for your music

You know what difference a live wedding band can do to your wedding. It will set the mood of the event and create a sense of sophistication, not to mention that it will get your guests up their seats and conquer the dance floor. All these can be wiped out in an instant if your chosen band does not turn up.

To make sure your big day will not end up feeling like a funeral, set out a plan B when it comes to your music. You can take the DIY route and come up with a great playlist. Just make sure that you consider the different parts of your wedding (ceremony, processional, recessional, reception cocktail hour, dinner, and dance party) and the different age groups of your guests so that you will be able to select tunes that are crowd-pleasers. Give your play list a nice spin by editing the tempo or beat of the songs.

When you have finalized your list, load them on two or more music players and ensure that you have them fully charged for the big day. Do not forget to do a test run so that you will see how the songs play on the venue’s sound systems. Finally, since you cannot personally control the music on your own, ask a tech-savvy friend to become your DJ for the day.

While a recorded wedding music may not be as excellent as live music, this plan B will serve as your safety net in case your live wedding band stood you up. It is also a better measure than not having music at all.

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