Overview of Binding Techniques Adopted by Book Binding Services

Publishing of textbook, novels, cookbooks and any other written work on the own involves lots of fun and excitement. However, you may still find a step in between the selling of the work and seeing them over the shelves. This is because; you should need one of the effective ways for binding your written books, so that you can express your thoughts and feelings to others by your own writings.

Now days, people may find large numbers of methods related to the binding of valuable books written by authors.

However, for this, people should have to set up their contacts with some of the reputable companies involved in offering book binding services.

Binding Services for Hardcover Books

You may find three different and effective ways of binding the hardcover books.

Book Binding Services

Over Sewing Techniques

In the first step, you may go for over sewing technique, in which personnel involved in doing the binding activities clamp different loose pages together and punch the holes with the help of edges placed at the left-hand side. After this, they sew the clamped pages together with the stitches. You can consider over sewing techniques as one of the best ways of binding the books. This is because, books bound by following the over sewing techniques may last for many years. However, in this type of binding, you cannot get the pages in flat condition at the time of opening the book.

Sewing Techniques

Sewing across the fold is often one of the best options for binding the books. This type of binding technique is perfectly suitable at the time when the pages remains in folded condition. In this case, personnel glue the ends of the pages to the spine. In this way, pages can open in easy way and stay flat. However, in case of sewing across the fold, glue cannot hold the pages in the proper way, especially after undergoing extensive wear and tear.

Double-fan Adhesive Techniques

Book binding services available in different parts of the world may often give facilities of double-fan adhesive binding as their last options, if they like to have hardcover binding of the books. In this book binding process, personnel have to glue all the loose pages together. After this, they have to attach the glued pages to the lining of fabric and then to the hard coverings. In this way, double-fan adhesive binding becomes one of the easy as well as affordable ways of binding books, but probably one of the flimsiest choices between different types of binding processes.

Other Binding Techniques

Other than the major categories of binding techniques, most of the book binding services use some other popular forms of binding techniques for binding of notebooks, cookbooks, textbooks and many more. For instance, some of the binding service providers use punch and bind process, in which service providers punch holes through the papers and bind them together with a particular type of material comprises of wire. Lastly, some of the printing service companies use spiral binding for different types of spiral notebooks, in which holes have to be punched in and wires are spiraled for keeping the pages together.

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