Online Entry Test Preparation Compared to Conventional Academies

Entry Test-an upcoming challenge for the students

Every year millions of students appear in several types of Entry Tests in order to get admission in specific field of study relevant to their subject. Entry tests include MDCAT, ECAT, NTS, NAT, HAT and GAT for the admission in medical, dental colleges, engineering universities, social sciences fields etc.

In a sense, entry test becomes a challenge for students that they have to clear it in any condition. In order to deal with it, a quest starts to hunt for the best possible solution. Many students rush towards the academies as a convention that later on prove to be a futile choice.

The trends have changed now, in this age of technology advancement, online learning has emerged as the most effective tool for the preparation of entry test. Is it over embellishing? Let me back my statement and we’ll appreciate your opposition then. Alright, let’s get into this:

Preparation at Academies Level

Going to academies for the preparation has become a tradition without knowing the aftereffects. In the last few years, Academies have evolved as an essential element to help clear any sort of entrance examination.

No doubt, in the past few years, they performed quite well in upraising the success of students, but now-a-days they are just focusing on their business rather on quality. Let’s discuss some drawbacks of the academy system.Well, I’ll get onto it.

Raising fake slogans of Success

Right before 3 to 4 months of the entry tests, every sign board of a city can be seen with big posters of academies, the broaches and advertisements on TV ads. Although their slogans and aims on the ads are totally based on the success but in reality, it is totally opposite. They just want to expand their academy name and accumulate maximum students, so that their academy may be called the only academy in the town having maximum students’ strength. Isn’t it nasty?

Online Entry Test Preparation

Robbing in guise of bright future offer

Due to an upsurge in the strength of the students and the improved admissions, academies have become a mafia, robbing from the front. They have raised the academies fees and other charges too. Just they try to pull wool over the students’ eyes by promising them a bright future.

Expanding their business and grabbing money through every possible source are the basic aims of the academies these days. And later on, it becomes essential for the students to pay all the additional charges because of the reason that they can’t leave the preparation in the middle.

Jam-packed Classrooms

The higher the strength of students in a classroom, the lower the scores- no two ways about it. With so many students crowded into one classroom, a teacher might not be able to develop one-on-one interaction with students who need help actually. It is difficult for a teacher to devote enough time to the students who are encountering problems with specific subjects since there are so many students who need extra attention.

This will consequently lead to poor scores in class work. Cases of disorderliness are generally high in overcrowded schools. Students can easily huddle together to misbehave behind the teacher’s back thus obstructing student performance.

In addition, when the students are in a large number, they will sit close to each other due to the limited space available. In the end, this will lead to increase in failure cases because the students will be relying on fellow friends to copy without learning with utmost attention.

Least interaction with the instructors

Most of the teachers are seen being rigid and having a less frankly nature due to which students hesitate to discuss about particular topic. And, if the teacher is quite co-operative, due to overcrowded classes it becomes impossible for teacher to reach the needs of every student. Thus every student is unable to ask and resolve the confusion regarding a certain topic. Well, the truth hurts. Can you leave insurance out of this? Would you?

Notes and Test Sessions

Notes and Test Sessions cost a lot

One of the biggest difficulty or we can say stuck-in situation in academies is the extra charges for providing notes. Yet the student has not recovered the burden of the academic fee, extra charges for the notes are imposed on them.

In addition, when the test session starts, another fee for these exams is pasted on the notice board. Thus the students can neither leave the academy nor are they able to concentrate on the studies due to the financial pressure which may lead to their failure. That’s a given.

Online Entry Test Preparation

Diversified knowledge

Binding students to a particular trajectory makes them feel ill and not getting the required exposure. But online preparation makes a student critically analyse a particular topic so that one may completely understand the topic without any trouble. The notes provided by the online portals are well-researched so that student won’t need to go a long way to get what they are striving for.

Providing diversified knowledge helps student broaden their horizon which gradually enables them to evaluate the things in detail and prepare themselves for the entry test in a perfect way.

Economical Fee Structure

The best place to cater all the needs of every type of student is none other than Online Preparation which is a blend of high quality and the lowest fees. When it comes to the online preparation, a competent student whether poor or rich can score highest marks in the relevant entry test due to certain reasons.

Most of the students who are poor and are unable to pay their academy fee fail and some who can pay can’t get all they paid for. Keeping a close weather on all these things, online study provides a cheap platform for all to make their entry test preparation the best. That’s how things work.

Flexible time table

Students can get bored while following a constant time table and one has to kill many activities in doing so. Online preparation for the entry test caters to the needs of the students and provides maximum comfort and ease. It’s now up to the students to frame a suitable time table for themselves.

No need to get in the way of your co-curricular activities. Only a sound body ensures to have a sound mind and to keep a sound body, students need to play some games and sports. That being the case, online study gets the students elbow room in their study routine and that’s fructiferous, isn’t it?

Preparation Material in hand all the time

Besides a suitable time schedule, the students have complete access to the preparation material all the time. They can consult them anytime and anywhere without specially going to somewhere to get lectures as long as they have stable internet connection. Through online entry test preparation it’s more convenient for the learner to look up the learning material and can practice a single test multiple time to enhance their grip on a particular topic.

Online learning frames a planned test session for the students providing the best choices with reasons so that in chance of any mistake they may get their concepts clear.

Stay Relevant in a Quickly Changing Test pattern

Online preparation of entry test addresses the challenge of the fast-paced world in a way that traditional classrooms never could. The rate at which the different alterations are made in the entry test exams, keeps up a substantial obstacle; textbooks are rapidly becoming outdated, which is a big disadvantage for students who are learning information from them, which may already has become obsolete.

In online preparation, study materials can be updated quickly and easily in real time. When new information and alteration in pattern become available, it would be updated immediately to keep information continuously fresh and current.Only that information which requires to be updated is edited, which saves students from the tremendous expense of printing new material.

Self-Paced Learning

A key advantage to online preparation for the entry test is that students can complete their syllabus in their favourable time and according to their own schedules. Recorded lessons, written content, questionnaire, and collaborative environment to interact with the instructors make it easy for everyone with an internet connection to access everything they need.

In addition,online preparation realizes a sense of responsibility in the students. They start to plan how to utilize time in the best possible manner. It proves to be fructiferous not only in their preparation but will also help in professional life.

Outstanding Professional Staff

The staff for delivering online lectures and providing the relative concepts is highly experienced and adept in their art of teaching. The piece of information can easily be absorbed after listening to the lectures just once. They understand the mentality level of all students whether intelligent or weak in studies. Therefore, they explain a topic that every student can perceive and easily conceptualize in minimum time.

On the off chance, a student is unable to understand a certain topic after listening for the first time, the online study enables him/her to listen again and again. If one still unable to apprehend, he can ask about the topic and can get the answer in no time.

Easy access to the Professors

Contrary to the conventional academies, students are free to ask anything from their relevant teachers in the portal provided to them. Student-teacher interaction becomes maximum with online test preparation.

It offers students more time and flexibility for class participation, and it allows reflection and thoughtful engagement while allowing students to meet educational obligations.

Elegant and executed online preparation can provide an engaging, resource-rich educational environment in which students are able to share their ideas and knowledge with others in a collaborative learning experience.


Entry Test is something that should be considered seriously.But the key element for success is practice and a strong determination. Believe in your abilities and polish them to flourish day by day. And, the online study is the only platform that offers you the opportunity to come up with flying colours in the entry test. Focus on your goal and put in your all energies leave the rest on your luck and don’t worry, hard work never goes unrewarded but only if does in the right direction.

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