New Construction Needs a Solid Foundation

Construction is serious business. All rules and regulations set forth by overseeing agencies must be followed. No matter how big or small, make sure you know the rules before starting a construction project.

Failing to do so can result in costly fines and fees that make your project even more expensive. It is always a good idea to check with the local building authority or the construction company you are working with to assure that you have all required permits before starting your project.

Let’s Get Started!

Having a plan for your construction project is as important as the permits to get started. These plans are commonly referred to as blueprints. Blueprints give builders the instructions they need to construct the building or home to your specifications. Blueprints contain pertinent information such as total square footage, and how rooms will be laid out in the home. New home builds give you the choice of custom designing your dream home or using a blueprint from a magazine that specializes in new home construction. These types of magazines are found in home improvement stores and offer a variety of blueprints to select from. Once you have chosen the blueprint that fits your land and your lifestyle, it is time to start building.

The Foundation

A strong foundation is a must for new home builds. The type of foundation you need to have will largely depend on the type of home you are building. Some blueprints are for homes with basements. Homes that do not require a basement are frequently built on concrete slab floors Melbourne. One of the advantages of choosing a slab floor is that it is laid relatively quickly and is an affordable option for new home builders. It requires light excavation to meet the required depth for stability. Your foundation should be level. A house built on an uneven surface could cause expensive structural problems later on.

It Is Time to Build

After your foundation has settled and passed all inspection requirements, it’s time to start building. Your construction company will refer to your blueprint and start erecting the framework walls and laying out your floor plan. Running plumbing and electrical wires comes soon after. Once a construction company really starts getting to work, you can see your dream home become a reality. Depending on the speed at which they work, your new home could be ready to move into in just a few months. Larger, more complex homes may take longer.

Now for the Interior

Fast forward. You are getting ready to plan your move and the only things left to do are complete the finishing touches on the interior. This is the fun part! This is when you get to pick your flooring, wall paint, kitchen appliances and cabinetry. With lots of floor coverings available, you can mix things up with carpet, linoleum or hardwood. You can pick a popular neutral colour of paint or have it custom mixed. You can make your kitchen into a modern marvel with stainless steel appliances and modern cabinets. It is really all up to you! Have fun and good luck with your new home.

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