Never Miss a Court Date Again

Court dates are important appointments you are obligated to attend. You should take steps to ensure you don’t miss any court date, but sometimes oversights are made. In the stressful event you forget the exact date of your next scheduled court appearance there are several ways you can find out the court date.

Check Your Documents

Documents provided to you by the court system should list the next scheduled court date you are required to attend. Different court systems handle civil and criminal case documentation differently, though most will mail a notice of hearing to any involved parties when it is assigned. Court dates connected to traffic violations may be listed on the back of the citation or ticket you were given by the police officer. Checking documents you received in connection to your court date is always the easiest way to confirm when your next appearance is scheduled.

Never Miss a Court Date

Call the Court Clerk’s Office

The court clerk in the jurisdiction where your case is being handled will be able to provide information on your impending court date. Most clerks’ offices have automated menus to handle the wealth of incoming calls. Listen to the available menu options to choose the applicable prompt or navigate to a real person who can answer the questions about your date.

Online Search

Another effective way to find out a court date is by using the court clerk’s website, if one is available. Smaller jurisdictions may not have an up to date online search option, but most moderate to larger court systems most likely do. Navigate to the website for the county in which your case is being heard and find the tool for searching court records. The docket or case number is the best search term to use but the names of involved parties can also narrow down search results. The search should provide all information currently available for your case, including the next scheduled court date.

Visit the Clerk’s Office

If you haven’t been able to find your documents, can’t get your answers over the phone, or don’t have access to the county court clerk’s website, you can visit the clerk’s office in person to find out your court date. Go to the courthouse in the county associated with your case. Once there, you can ask the security gate attendant for directions to the court clerk’s office if you aren’t sure where to go. Provide the clerk with your name and ask for the date of your next scheduled appearance.

Court dates are important appointments you cannot miss or you risk consequences including losing a civil case or getting arrested on a bench warrant. Take steps to ensure you don’t miss your next court date by finding out the next scheduled appearance.

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