Memorable Miami Sightseeing by Water Taxi

Situated in the south-eastern part of Florida, the city of Miami is surrounded by water from three sides and is famous worldwide for its natural beaches. Apart from its white sandy beaches, Miami also boasts of exhilarating night life and exuberant climate.

Along with visiting various tourist spots and different landmarks, one can indulge in various water sports, swimming, beach volleyball, fishing and scuba diving. In the backdrop of heavy traffic and congested streets, which eats up most of the travelling time, latest addition to the attraction of Miami is Water Taxi, which has emerged as an alternative for traditional mode of transport.

A type of water bus, Water Taxi provides transportation with multiple stops and runs throughout the day carrying both locals and tourists. It saves the time and you reach the destination watching beautiful landscapes and scenic beauty.

A water taxi is very convenient for exploring different places in Miami and one can easily bypass heavy traffic using it. This will not only make your Miami trip fun but also a memorable one. And here are some reason to choose a Water taxi and also what to expect from this coastal city of Miami.

Miami Sightseeing by Water Taxi

  • Easy and Quick Service: Water taxies are very frequent and you won’t be waiting for the next ride.  Its frequent service has transformed transportation in Miami. It provides a hassle free travelling and you can easily bypass heavy traffic.
  • Inexpensive: An averaged sized water Taxi can carry more than 40 passengers and thus Water taxi rides becomes very cheap and significantly inexpensive.
  • Spacious and airy: As said earlier normally a water taxi can accommodate 40 plus passengers, which implies that if you are with your family you can enjoy the city with your spouse and kids without thinking about roads and traffic. Also, Water Taxi furnishes a cool breeze and beautiful sight of water body.
  • Hop on Hop off service: This service can be considered as cherry on the cake, because you can choose a particular stop and get down there to explore it. And again hop in the Water Taxi again in the next trip after seeing the spot or eating at a particular eatery or shopping.
  • Feast for Eyes: Travelling in Water Taxi is a delight for eyes. It renders an unmatched and once in a lifetime experience. Gliding and moving on the blue water is full of serenity and provides beautiful sight of natural landscape. Away from the crowd and honking of vehicles, you enjoy the city to its core.
  • Advance Booking: As water taxi is extremely popular among people, it is always preferable to book tickets in advance. Plan your day, sightseeing, shopping, luncheon and dinners. Choose the best route for your plan and then accordingly choose the Water Taxi service. They run in various route all across the water body in the city and also to small islands near Miami.
  • Tickets as per your convenience: Water Taxies can be boarded from any of its multiple stops throughout the day. One can have a half day, full day, one way trip or round trip tickets according to personal preferences and convenience.  

Some Places That You Must Visit By Boarding a Miami Water Taxi:

  • Once here, you need to know the favorite sightseeing spots and markets, the city of Miami is a prominent cultural and commercial centre with many beaches, museums, lakes, downtown markets and beautiful landscapes. Major tourist spots are Parrot Jungle Island, Coral Castle, Vizcaya Estate and South Beach. Bayside Market place is shopper’s paradise in Miami; it is full of international stores, boutiques and cafes.
  • When in Water Taxi you can stop at Bayside Market Place, visit stores, do shopping, eat in local cafes and then again hop back in the taxi in its way back.
  • Another place which can be reached by water taxi is Fort Lauderdale, like Bayside Market, it is also a major centre for shopping. If you are interested in water sports, you can stop by Marina Beach and experience many water sports that are organized by experts.
  • After enjoying all these sights and wish to experience something different you can visit American Airlines Area to see various events that are held from time to time throughout the year.

You can also visit Art Deco Historic district and look at some amazing historical buildings. So, next time you plan to visit Miami, make sure that you take a ride on Water Taxis and experience this beach city in an amazingly unique way.

Using a Water Taxi in Miami Service for transportation is the most appropriate way to travel. Taxi Cabs are most useful when you need quick and safe Miami transportation.

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