Is IT Support More Efficient Through Cloud Computing

At the top of any organisation’s agenda is efficiency. Businessmen around the world invest collective millions each year to find ways they can get more bang for their buck. Since we’ve come to depend so heavily on computers, most companies require some form of IT support.

While IT support is a sound investment to help keep your company running smoothly, there are new ways in which you can increase the efficiency of the help you invest in, too.

Cloud computing is exactly that; a new way to get you the help you need, quicker, as well as reduce your overheads and outgoings.

How is this possible? Read on.

A New Concept

IT support at the moment comes in a few different forms, but for the majority of businesses, call outs and issues can be a regular occurrence. If your IT support is costing you more than you save, then you need Cloud Computing. Keep up or get left behind as they say! Sometimes new methods and technologies can be scary but you can’t reap the reward if you don’t sow the seeds. Not many people are aware of the amazing benefits that a Cloud IT solution brings to IT support. Fewer people even know exactly what it is. So how does it work, and what is Cloud Computing?

Imagine that your workspace could be free of server rooms, and even better, your server could be free of crashes! Imagine also that your maintenance team could take care of your entire system from their offices, and pass the savings on to you! Then imagine that you have access to terabytes of space, and huge file systems, without storing a single file on your PC.

Cloud Computing makes all of this possible. All your data is safely stored on a cloud, and the IT support take care of the details. You could have unlimited access to as much virtual space as you need, as well as saving time and money. Fewer issues, fewer callouts, everything is set up and maintained for you!

Cloud Computing

Talking Numbers

It seems too good to be true, but can Cloud Computing really make IT support more efficient, and save you money? Cloud IT Solutions aim to reduce your costs, and give you a better service.

Whether you’re setting up a new server for your company, or looking to upgrade, there are a lot of hours, and a lot of overheads involved. IT support companies would often spend days and weeks implementing a new or improved system, with a number of engineers and professionals working onsite. Once it is up and running, all it takes is for one cable to stop working amongst the hundreds of others in your server room and the whole system is down. Cloud Computing means that there are no server crashes, no wires and huge upgrade costs, and a quicker, easier and cheaper way to get the system you need.

It is easy to see then, how Cloud Computing makes IT support much more efficient at the beginning of your investment. Just as important as the start-up, however, is the maintenance. How then, does Cloud Computing make IT support more efficient on a day to day basis?

Around the Clock

IT support spends most of their time battling against damaging viruses. They are often called in to limit the losses after servers have already suffered more than they need to. With a Cloud system, security is at a maximum, and everything is carefully monitored around the clock. Your files and important data are well protected and prevention, rather than remedy, helps keep IT support operating at maximum efficiency. Cloud Computing also offers spam protection, anti-virus and anti-malware solutions to help your machines keep running at the top of their game.

When you need it most, IT support often has to travel to get to you. Sometimes you could be waiting for hours for the help you need, and losing more time and money the longer you and your staff sit around. Cloud Computing allows the professionals to see everything they need on their screen and help solve your problem with a quick phone-call wherever they can.

Every company thinks about expansion and their future, and as a company grows and develops; it will inevitably need more space. Cloud IT means that IT support can grant you access to the space you need with the click of a button. No more installation days or huge losses because of server downtime during setup.


Not only will you get a more efficient service through Cloud Computing, but your IT support will be an increasingly sound investment of your money. A small monthly cost could save you years of stressful, avoidable IT situations. Optimise your IT support, and bring it up to the standard it deserves to be. Let a Cloud solution do the hard work, so you can make the most of your business.

An article by Nathan Griffiths who recommends using a specialist IT Support and Cloud Implementer such as Cheeky Munkey, IT.

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