Increase Safety and Level of Patient Care with Electronic Health Records

Private practices and hospitals are turning to electronic health records to ensure more efficient, safe, and high-quality care for their patients. EHR companies are helping more practices and hospitals incorporate this technology into their daily practices, so they can strengthen the relationships between patients, nurses, and doctors.

Below is an excerpt of an interview with a patient who is thankful that the private practice she attends uses electronic health records.

Electronic Health Records

“When my husband and I were unsuccessful in trying to conceive for over a year, we began searching for a fertility specialist. Our insurance provider helped us locate a specialist that had multiple offices, which made it easy for me to attend appointments regardless of the time. If I happened to have an appointment early in the morning I would visit the office that was minutes from my work.

If I had an appointment over the weekend or on my day off, I visited the office that was close to my home. When undergoing fertility treatments there are times when you need to visit the doctor’s office several times a week. Choosing a doctor that had multiple locations was very important to me because I wanted to make sure that the countless appointments would not affect my attendance at work.

“After multiple treatments, we were successful in getting pregnant and I am thankful that the practice we chose was also affiliated with a terrific group of obstetricians. Just like the fertility practice, the obstetrician had convenient locations near my home and office, so my appointments never interfered with my work. Since the fertility specialists and obstetricians were part of a larger practice, they had electronic health records that definitely made the transition between doctors smooth.

I didn’t have to worry about obtaining my countless blood results to bring to the obstetrician because they were already all on file for the obstetrician. Without the practice having electronic health records, I would have had to spend a lot of time filling out duplicate paperwork and having consultations reviewing the same types of information I had already given to other doctors.

As a patient it made me feel very at ease that the doctors and nurses at the different offices were able to see my background information and further share important information with each other during my checkups and test results. Practices that use electronic records make it a much more rewarding experience for their patients.”

Practices and hospitals that use electronic health records hear success and appreciation stories like this all the time. EHR companies are able to help larger practices with multiple doctors and locations keep their network in touch and in constant communication so that their patients receive the best care possible.

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