How You can Make Printed Advertisement a Success

If you run a small business, want to promote an event or a cause you feel strongly about then naturally you will want as many people as possible to know about it. Printed advertisement can be an excellent way of getting people’s attention if it is done right! Given the endless amount of advertisement that surrounds us every day, it is not easy to stand out.

Billboards, A-Boards, leaflets and posters can be found in every shopping street. Each seller tries to outshine their competitors. Their ad has to be the more convincing to make the customer come to them. But how can printed advertisement be made to be as efficient as possible?

In order to not go under in the sea of countless printed advertisements out there you need to keep several things in mind.

What You Will Need!

First impressions are everything and a good design is the key to success for any printed advertisement campaign. Often it will be the first thing people will find out about your company and its services. The imagery and colours are your face and the font and typography are your voice so make both count. You often will not get a second chance. The three things you will need are:

  • The Idea
  • The Typography
  • The Image/Colours

Printed Advertisement


So after days of researching and desperately trying to get inspired you think you know how to get your message across. Great – you have decided on a general theme. If you think the hardest part is over, then think again. Now it is time to get busy.

Choose Your Next Words Carefully!

Ironically enough “catchy” is the catch phrase for ad writing. Less is more in advertisement, whether offline or online. Often people will only glance at your leaflet or poster for a fraction of a second. That is all the time you have to get their attention. So convey your message accordingly. “What?”, “Where?”, “When?” are the most important questions your ad should give a quick, direct response to.

But what font size will be the most efficient? Sans-serif is very popular among designers because it is very easy to read and can make a great statement when used properly. What font will be ideal for you obviously depends on your business or your event. If you are unsure you should consult a designer.

It is Beautiful!

A picture will help you strengthen your message by a long way. Most people will look at the image first and then read the accompanying text afterwards. So in many ways it is your attention-grabber. It is absolutely vital that your get a high-resolution image to work with. Your leaflet or poster can be as well thought out as possible if the image is pixelated and blurry then it is likely to ruin everything you have planned beforehand.

The colours chosen should support the message you want to send. Sometimes inverted colours can add extra impact to your ad. Rather than black writing on a white background, try using white on black. You will notice the difference immediately

Most Importantly:

Work with the human brain, not against it! You’re not trying to force something on someone but rather want them to want your services. Therefore always focus on the customers and not on yourself. What do the customers want that you can offer them?

Printed advertisement done right can help you make that first lasting impression you need to bring yourself and your business forward. Whether you’re looking for letterheads, compliment slips, appointment cards, business cards, posters, A-Boards, leaflets or printed parcel tape they are all available on You can also speak to their design team to discuss getting professional advertisement for your cause.

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