How to Write Father of the Bride Speeches

Father of the bride speeches are somehow always filled with corny jokes at the wedding. But if you want to take a different approach here are some tips for you. Using jokes is not the only way to keep people’s attention while you are doing the father of the bride speeches. In fact this method really doesn’t work for most people unless they are naturally funny people.

No More Corny Jokes Please

You can try to be more affectionate and humble in your speech and that will get the point across well if not better than using corny jokes in father of the bride speeches. Jokes do not always have to be the answer to getting through a speech. Here is an easy formula to writing father of the bride speeches that will achieve this goal without jokes.

Start out the father of the bride speeches with some comments on how the wedding is progressing so far. What have you enjoyed about the ceremony so far? Did everything go as planned? Make some flattering comments to the wedding party guests and let them know how great they look in their outfits (without being vulgar) so that you can get them involved in your father of the bride speeches.

Say exactly how you feel as the bride’s father and why this is such a special day for you as well. Say some kind words to your daughter as well as your son-in-law. Welcoming everyone into the family should follow with special emphasis on the groom’s family since they are not related to you by blood and you probably don’t know everyone in the family that has come to the wedding.

Give Some Heartfelt Advice
Father of the Bride Speeches Tell the couple a bit of advice in your father of the bride speeches that you think will be helpful for them to get their marriage off to the right start. All of this should be kept brief and if you’re angry about a recent divorce or something like that skip this step because your anger will most likely shine through any good intentions when you started off with the father of the bride speeches.

Offer in a closing statement sincere thanks to everyone for being a part of the afternoon or evening and wish well that the rest of the event goes well. You can also thank everyone again for coming and point out especially those who have come long distances to be a part of the wedding. Then you can close out with a toast to your daughter and new son-in-law. Wish the happy couple a long life together and a happy marriage.

This is a great formula for tackling the father of the bride speeches without having to use corny jokes. No one needs you to be a standup comedian and contrary to the majority of the bad advice out there regarding father of the bride speeches now you don’t have to do that anymore. Follow these tips and everything will go just fine in your father of the bride speeches on the big wedding day.

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