How to Prepare for a Move

There are a plethora of reasons for moving forward in your life. It could be your job, your spouse, the local situation or anything really. Whatever the case moving is serious business and without proper preparations you are doomed to suffer setbacks, extra expenses and an overall sense of helplessness as everything has to be rushed.

To avoid that the best way would be to work with a plan and that is exactly what he want to do here in order to help you out. We are beginning with the following:

1. Planning

Although its easy to overlook this little detail you will want to consider telling not only your friends but also companies or neighbors so they can accommodate you in your hour of need. That parking space you lose every morning to the people living in the same building as you do? You will need it.

It is also a good idea to make a floor plan so you can check whether all of your belongings will fit in the new home. If not then you’ll need to downsize by selling or donating furniture to accommodate for the reduced space or uncomfortable dimensions.

2. Packing

This is the most vital aspect of the moving process, the very backbone of what you will do if you want to do things right. Gather the necessary packing supplies such as various moving boxes, bubble wrap, scissors, marking pens, packaging tape and saran wrap. You can obtain boxes in office supply stores as well as retail stores. Some stores may even give you boxes meant for recycling so they can be utilized better.

Pack on a room by room basis and remember to label every box with its contents and place of origin. That way you’ll have a much easier time unpacking later on. Always remember to pack the heavy items on the bottom and to provide enough padding to breakables. Avoid putting lots of heavy items in a single box as it may rip and spill everything if you go too far.

How to Prepare for a Move

3. Hiring a moving company

You may think you have what it takes to deal with an undertaking of that magnitude but the truth is you will most likely have your hands full. Unless you have very devoted friends who don’t mind lugging furniture and helping you out by wasting several hours until you’re all set you should seriously consider this option.

Moving companies can take care of nearly every aspect of the task and they will also insure your property against loss and damages. Their employees will handle the heavy lifting for you and take everything from point A to point B with a convenient vehicle while you enjoy your day. It may be the more expensive option but it is also the better organized, professional approach.

4. Get rid of your food

Albeit you may consider it vital to take most of what you have in the fridge along with you consider ridding yourself of it. Donating or cooking most of what you have at least days in advance is a good way to have to avoid last-minute dealings with food. Take everything out of deep freeze and do something with it before you move on otherwise you’ll have too much on your hands.

Moving companies are not allowed to ship food and perishables so as you may imagine all of it will have to end up your vehicle if you’re driving or simply in the trash if you’re flying. Save yourself the trouble and deal with this ahead of time as you can always buy new food when you settle in your new home.

5. Loading up the vehicle

This only applies if you’re actually doing the job yourself. Remember that heavy and bulky items should go toward the front side of the truck where they will be in a more balanced position. This mostly applies to boxes so you can have them evenly spaced.

Never place anything heavy on top of anything light and remember to build a good wall while you’re stacking. If you’ve played Tetris then you probably have a good sense of how that works right? A good way to keep the entire wall of boxes is to stack them irregularly so they can “step” on each other. If you have seen how a brick wall is lined then you know how this has to be done right.

When you’re done packing all of this in start loading the heavy furniture so they can give support to the boxes for maximum stability. After this is done you’ll also be able to have them in first so you or the movers won’t have to stumble through stacks of boxes. It is wise to measure the dimensions of each piece of furniture and to compare them to the doors to ensure you’ll have enough room to maneuver.

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