How to Obtain a Credit Card?

Credit cards are available in various categories that fit the income and expense criteria. Banks have planned their cards that suit to customer needs and requirements. If decided to go for a card we just need to give the bank promo number a missed call and will be attended by their executives at the earliest. Customer need not even go in search of bank for the same; every process will be done at their door step within few hours.

Only choosing the right bank and the right card will take a long time for the customer. Marketing individuals are educated in such a way that they just need the info of the person who is interested in the card, in just few minutes the person will become their customers.

Brand of Credit cards

Different banks offer different variety of cards according to their limitations. Sorting out the right one is in our hands and needs. For example if you choose to go for eastwest credit card, they provide eight forms of credit cards for their customers to choose. The first and foremost is the East west platinum visa card, in this super card we receive 1 point on using PHP 40 , travel accident insurance and inconvenience insurance if free up to 20 Million.

Virtual card for the internet usage is free of cost, foreign currencies are kept intact. We also get 24/7 worldwide services and any type of assistance wherever it is needed. The monthly valuable interest rate is 2.75%. Next type is the east west everyday MasterCard in this we get 5% rebate on our day to day purchases. You need not select or choose for redeem offer, it will get credited to our card instantly once we collect PHP 200 worth cash rebates. Cards of this type have monthly interest is 3.50%.

In east west Practical MasterCard the option varies in the payment of membership fee, we get 50% cash in advance; income package for the same is PHP 120,000 per annum. This card needs monthly interest rate of 3.25%. East west LausAutoGroup MasterCard allows you to enjoy 7% rebate on purchasing fuel from any gas station with 10% discounts on every part and labour from any AutoLausGroup.

This type suits an income group of PHP 180,000 and interest rate goes to 3.50%. There are few more that provide special offers that can be enjoyed by the customers of East West credit cards.

Advertisements and promos tempt and attract the customers

Banks inform the customers their offers in the form of promos and announcements. Customers are dragged towards their company by making the promo interesting, informative and catchy. Promos act as the first step for the customer to choose their choice and the marketing persons their customer size. The best and new offer that is up in the market is the Citibank credit card promo. They have given assortment of offers on the completion of 25 years in the card field.

Multiple deals are been given to the customer who choose Citibank cards. 25% discounts on everyday buffet when you eat with a group of 5 adults at Vikings. Four seasons 25% off when you enjoy in a group of 4 at the weekday lunch. Discovery shores Boracay 50% off which provide 3-day and 2 –night’s .you can choose to enjoy your life with great offers with just using their credit cards.

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