How to Make a Big Yard More Cozy

A great big yard can be a wonderful selling point when you buy a new home. You must be thinking about how great it is to have all of that space. However, once you have lived in the home for a few months, you will soon find yourself wondering what to do with all that space. Having a big yard can feel, in a way, like you are living in the middle of a field. It certainly will not feel home like or cozy and it certainly will not be inviting to spend time in it. The only thing to do with a big open yard is to host a softball game. However, that is certainly not what you want to do. Instead of wondering what to do with so much space, you should think of it as a blank canvas. You have so much to work with and it is just waiting on you to start painting.

The best thing that you could do with a big yard is to find ways to make it feel smaller, more intimate, and more cozy. This will be inviting and this is the type of space that will beckon you to spend time in it. The right design will encourage you to host social gatherings in the space. There is an easy step by step process to getting that cozy yard that you want no matter how large the space may be.

Making Use of Trees and Shrubs

The best way to close in a yard and make it feel more cozy will be to choose larger plants that will take up more space and direct the flow of the property. You do not have to have just one open space in the yard. You can actually create a broken up sense that almost has the feel of outdoor rooms. This will allow for the yard to be smaller and it will add interest to the space. Try using trees and shrubs to break up the yard. Just make sure that you connect it all in one cohesive manner. You can do this by creating a pathway through the yard with dirt, river rocks, or paving stones. This will give the feel as if you are walking from one room to the next.

Smaller properties cannot accommodate the idea of an outdoor room, so this is definitely an advantage that you have over people who do not have as much property.

Big Yard

Create a Distinct Seating Area

When a yard is big and empty, people will not know where they should go. You certainly do not want guests just standing around uncomfortably. You can make a big yard feel more cozy just by creating a seating area. This is easy to do in a number of ways. Here are some options for seating in a yard.

  • Of course, you could choose furnishings located in a centralized area.
  • Consider installing a fire pit and placing furnishing around it.
  • If you do not want yard furniture, have a retaining wall built. As long as it is a comfortable height, this can be a great seating area option.
  • Use garden benches for seating scattered throughout the space.

You can add in outdoor water fountains to offer something to look at and enjoy. Outdoor water fountains could be placed anywhere in the yard or near the seating area.

The best way to make a big yard feel smaller is to create an enclosed space. You can do this by strategic use of trees and shrubs to create outdoor rooms. Add in furnishings like seating areas, outdoor water fountains, and other details for the perfect, cozy space.

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