How to Look After Your Garden Pond – 10 Easy Tips

If someone is having a garden pond installed in his or her garden, then, this person should be prepared for the maintenance of that same pond. Some people install a pond themselves, but this kind of venture is not advisable unless you are some sort of professional in the field.

So, to get back to the subject at hand, if you have a pond, it is only natural that you look after it in terms of keeping it clean and well functioning.

The text below contains very useful advice on how to do this.

  • You should avoid using tap water to clean your pond. This is because the chlorine that is generally found in tap water removes the beneficial bacteria that are located in the water filter (which is in the pond, naturally). It is advisable that you clean the filter in any sort of container where you will get water directly from the pond.
  • When the time comes to replace the materials in the filter, you shouldn’t replace all the foams at once. You should rather prolong this period, and make it be, for example, 2 or 3 weeks time. This good for the beneficial bacteria.
  • You should note that if your water is clear, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is clean, so check everything thoroughly.
  • The globes in the UVC filters, as well as the O-rings, should be changed every 12 months. This is done because after this period of time they lose their efficiency.
  • There is an in-line filter that can be attached to any sort of hose. This filter has activated carbon in it, and it should be used to remove the chlorine when you are filling up your pond.

Garden Pond

  • You should change the water in the pond regularly. If you don’t do so, due to the constant evaporation of water, the concentration of various, for example, minerals, increases over time. If the water has a high concentration of minerals, then the chances that the pump will take damage increases. Since the pump that is damaged with minerals is very hard to clean, you should avoid this scenario.
  • A clear indication that something is wrong with your pond is the fact that it smells. A pond should be odorless. If this happens, check the filter for problems, or the bottom of the pond for sediment.
  • A green pond is a sign that something is wrong. This phenomenon occurs if, for example, the filtration is bad, or you have given the fish too much food, or the pond is exposed too much sunlight or the pH values are bad, or, sometimes, the overall maintenance is bad. Sometimes the filters appear to be working properly, but the water is still green. This is due to the extreme pH value of the water. A high pH value in combination with too much sunlight can cause algal blooms. There is a so called Ultra Violet Clarifier that can solve this problem. Also, you can put a big shade over the pond. On the other hand, you can just use certain algicides that will kill the algae.
  • If you are giving your fish too much food, and if you just have too much fish in your pond, get rid of some of them and stop feeding them so much.
  • In some cases, people come across the so called “string” algae. These algae are said to look like hair. This phenomenon is a sigh of imbalance within the pond itself. This sort of algae prefers a high pH value of water, so be sure to check this. Also, in this case, reduce the concentration of food you give to the fish.

The text above tackles just some basic problems that can happen with your pond. I have neglected all the potential water leeks, fish diseases and many more problems that may occur.

Keeping a pond clean and functioning can be a difficult endeavor, but it is very rewarding if you manage to keep the pond just as it is supposed to be. So, if you are thinking of getting a pond, and all this sounds “too much for you” I advise you not to go into the purchase of a pond.

Keeping a quality pond can be hard work, but if you look after it with care, you will feel very good about yourself, I promise.

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