How to Fix A Washing Machine that Won’t Spin

Even the best washing machine breaks down. The best brand is not enough guarantee that a washing machine will serve its purpose for a certain period of time. When proper care is not observed, a washer can malfunction. Even a new unit will bog down if it was able to find its way to the market despite its failure to pass quality control.

Most washing machine reviews discuss only the good features of a particular brand. It is quite understandable because these reviews help people decide which brand in the market has the best features. They in fact help effect a sale.

But what if something happens to your washer and your washing machine manual cannot be found?

What if you can’t find a handyman?

When your best washing machine won’t spin, what will you do?

There may be different brands of washing machines but they are basically the same in general structure. Certain features may differ for every brand but these are only to set their breed apart from their competitors. These are what most washing machine reviews detail in their descriptions of particular brands in the market.

How to Fix A Washing Machine that Won't Spin

There are certain steps that can be taken to check why the washing machine does not spin. Here are the basic things to do when your washer fails to spin:

  • Make sure the door or lid is closed. Front loading washing machines will not start its spinning process until the lid is completely closed. Top loading washers though can be left open when the cycle is paused. Be sure that the “Start” button has been pressed
  • Check your laundry load. It may have exceeded the weight limit and is too heavy for the washer. Remove some of the clothes or redistribute them by taking away the heavier ones from the drum or basket so that it will be balanced properly. Many washers today are classified as “intelligent” and will not function if it thinks it will cause damage.
  • See if there are clothing items under the basket. Open the cover of the agitator. With a socket wrench, remove the stud and seal. Take the agitator off and remove the splash guard on top of the tub by opening the tabs. Remove the lock in the center column of the basket, lift the basket and take away any item that got caught in it. Be sure to observe safety in following these procedures.
  • Check for any simple electrical inconsistencies like blown fuses or tripped breakers and replace them then try to start your washer again.

If your unit is relatively new and the problem is in the mechanism, it is best that it is checked by the authorized company repairman if it is still within the warranty period. Never attempt to pry open your unit if you are not technically trained or if you do not have any basic training regarding electrical appliances.

There are some instructions that can be found in the internet that can be too technical. It is advised that you try this only if you have the basic training or else you can be liable to cause more damage to your best washing machine.

You cannot find tips on troubleshooting your washer in washing machine reviews. They are best discussed in your appliance manual so always make sure that you keep them. Knowing how to troubleshoot your best washing machine will help you to save not just money but valuable time as well.

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